6 Tips on How to Quit Smoking- Find Out The Easiest Ways to Quit Smoking!

As we all know the number of smokers today is unfortunately pretty huge and it’s obvious that if you are reading this- you’re one of them. But, have you been wondering, searching and asking for tips on how to quit smoking?

If you ever thought that it’s impossible to quit smoking, we have some good news for you. We’ve made a research and realized that it is possible if you follow these easy tips on how to quit smoking.

1) Tell your closest ones!

If you start the process by telling your friends, family, classmates or colleagues, they can be a pretty huge support for you. Why don’t you find a buddy to join you in this mission? That person can be your right hand and your motivation to keep on going. It would be easier for both of you.

2) Distract yourself!

If you find yourself a distraction such as cleaning, studying, washing the dishes, or something more fun than that, such as listening to music, start reading good books, watch TV or even buy a pet to play and spend time with, you can think of something else instead of the smoking.

3) Find other things to pop in your mouth instead of the cigarettes!

This is one of my favorite tips on how to quit smoking because it makes me happy. Eat carrot, celery sticks, salad, fruits, sunflower seeds, chew gums… It keeps your mouth busy, you don’t feel the need to smoke a cigarette and it’s also healthy so…think about it.

4) Be active!

Play some sports, exercise, visit the gym, try some yoga stretches, take long walks and think about something. (Tip: If you start thinking about the cigarettes – think why you have started this process and imagine the feeling if you succeed in this).

5) Avoid things that make you want to smoke cigarettes!

Scientists have proven that when you drink alcohol your need for cigarettes is bigger, so avoid drinking alcohol during the process. Ask your friends and family to smoke cigarettes on the balcony or to smoke less when they’re with you, also after the meal instead of lighting up a cigarette eat an apple.

6) This is the last from the tips on how to quit smoking and it is – THINK POSITIVE!

There’s nothing as strong as your mind to keep you on the right road when you start this process. You always have to think positive and hope that you are going to be successful. If you don’t think positive it’s going to be very hard for you to quit smoking. That’s why you need to start with a strong will and positive thoughts.

Those are the best and the easiest tips that are going to help you to quit this bad habit. I hope that you like this article and that you are going to start with the process right away. Good luck and thank you for reading it!


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