7 Natural Remedies to Conquer Your Insomnia

Are you always restless in your bed during nights if you cannot sleep well?

Most people often apply the practical way to deal with insomnia, pop some sleeping pills. Unfortunately, those sleeping pills hardly can make you wake up the next morning with fresh feeling and mood.

In the future you’re having problem getting to sleep, try out one of these natural remedies — way milder than the chemical options, but for many people, still effective.

Chamomile Tea

Drink a cup while still warm before hitting the sheets. It can also help to ease your digestive problems and menstrual cramps.

Warm white milk with honey

Drink a glass of warm white milk (skim milk) and add 1 tablespoon of honey. If you feel cold, you can add some ginger to keep your body stay warm. The best way is by boiling half a glass of water and add some ginger into it, wait until you can smell fresh ginger and use small portion of this ginger water into the warm milk.


Munch on some, because it’s loaded with sedatives. If you are having problem to munch raw vegetable, you can boil water and add celery in it, wait few minutes. You can drink it while still warm. This home remedy is also good for your high blood pressure.

Valerian root

It stinks, but it’s the most effective sleep-inducer of all herbal cures. You can find it in capsule, tea, tablet or liquid extract forms. Other benefits from Valerian root, can also ease anxiety and muscle stiffness.

Lemon balm

It can be soothing and emit a pleasant scent.


Take a whiff of lavender while taking a warm evening bath. It relaxes the nervous system, reducing stress hormones that often keep you awake. Lavender’s scent also ups the production of relaxing alpha waves in the brain for deeper sleep. It is also can help to ease migraines.


If your sleeping problems are connected to your period, hops can be useful because it balances out fluctuating hormone levels. Stuff a sleep sachet containing the herb under your pillow.


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