7 Pilates Exercises With Which You Can Lose a Lot of Calories in Short Time

Pilates not only define your muscles. If you exercise properly, it will help to burn more calories plus will reduce your size number. Ready to sweat?
These are the best exercises for burning calories. Most effective, yet very easy exercises. Do not miss it to try them out. Take a look!


Lie down facing the ground. Press your pelvis nicely on the floor and thighs press them firmly together. Stretch the hands forward with your palms face down. Raise your arms, legs, chest and head and hold. Start alternately to lift your right arm/left leg and left arm / leg and right. Do not drop them on the ground. Breathe normally in the rhythm of the movement of hands and feet. Count slowly from 1 to 10 like you are swimming, coming up higher and stretching more as counting. Sit on the lower legs to stretch the counter pulling, if you feel like you need it.


Lie on your back with hands crossed behind your head. Raise head, knees and bring them to your chest. Breathe slowly and rotate your torso to the left until your left elbow does not touch the right knee. During that time, straighten and hold it firmly upright and left leg. Make sure it does not touch the floor. Breathe out when you turn back and start to breathe again when you return in the opposite direction. Do the exercise six times on each side.


Jogging with knees/heels up

Stand erect, and elbows are tight to you. Draw your abdominal muscles inside and start lifting your knees as shown. After 8 boot, without stoping, start hitting the back with your heels, elbows while you stand at the chest. After beating 8 -to-back, start another exercise or change your legs, this time by reducing stresses and elevations. Make first six, then four, then two iterations.


Dragging the foot

Sit tall with legs outstretched right. Put your feet close together. Place your hands with palms down behind you, fingers inwards. Press with your hands and lift your hips until you come to a flat diagonal line from head to heels. Breathe slowly and start to lift your right leg high without turning the body. As you return leg on the floor, slowly breathe out. Switch to the other leg and repeat the exercise six times with each leg. Strive to do that every time anything higher.

7 Pilates Exercises With Which You Can Lose a Lot of Calories in Short Time


Stand up straight. Your feet firmly on the ground. Start to breathe slowly and move the hands up. When your hands are above the head, start to bend your waist. Then suck in your stomach to your back and tighten your entire belt around the waist. Slowly breathe out, carrying the head and hands down. Hands need to be in the width of the shoulders. Tap the palms on the floor, but watch out on the hips – you are not supposed to move them. While standing with hands on the floor, leave the head hanging. Move the hands forward until you find yourself completely in the plank position. Hands lifted at the height of the shoulders and your feet standing just on the toe. Now, jump, openinig and closing your feet six times. From plank position start lifting up. Bend your chest towards the thighs, with your arms returning to your feet and slowly straighten up. Straighten the head last.


Lay on your back with arms at your side. Tighten firmly ypur feet side by side. Breathe in slowly while lifting the legs up until they are smooth. Start to move with circular motion from left to right. Then constantly helping to maintain the balance and with your hands. When you make a round to the right, start from the bottom again but do not touch the floor. This is great for your abdominal muscles. Make three sets of one side of the other three.

Blow by

Stand on the floor with your knees bent. Place your left hand with your palm on the floor while spreading the right foot to the side of the hips in line. The right hand should be behind your head, hip over the knee and shoulder above the wrist. With one quick breath in punch stong with your right leg in front of you, but without having to bend the knee. Slowly return back. Hips are not supposed to move while you perform the exercise. With each leg knock 8 times.


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