9 Best Exercises To Help You Burn More Calories

In addition to training should be regulated and nutrition.
What is the best way to burn more calories?

The question that is constantly repeated, and why are made of different combinations of exercises in order to achieve the desired result.

But the modern era brings with it many obligations and therefore little time for recreation. Therefore, it is increasingly turning towards finding exercise that consumes the most calories, takes less time and fit for us the most.

However, we emphasize that only exercise is not enough if you want to lose weight and that it is necessary to regulate the diet, with the advice and consent of the nutritionist.

However it is good to know how many calories you burn during certain activities.

Based on the list of the National Institutes of Health shows that 36 activities that best burn calories, Business Insider has singled out top 9.

(In this research, it is the average weight of a person is about 90 kilograms, so if the change in weight, gender or age, and this figure vary, therefore the date and approximate figures)

Roller blading

Is a very intense workout, and burns 683 calories per hour.


An hour of this activity consumes about 728 calories.


Running for the ball all over the field can burn a large amount of calories, which would, on average about 728 calories per hour.

Running at a moderate speed

For an hour running at a moderate speed will burn about 755 calories.

Running up the stairs

An hour of this activity burns up to 819 calories.

9 Best Exercises To Help You Burn More Calories


Great intensity of swimming can burn 892 calories.


One of the most competitive sports in this list and for an hour can burn up to 937 calories.

Jumping rope

At the top of the list of activities that the best you burn fat are jumping rope and running quickly. Jumping rope hour can burn up to 1,074 calories.

Fast running

After jumping rope this is the best way for a short period of time you burn a large amount of calories. Running with stronger intensity can burn up to 1,074 calories.


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