9 Very Easy Tricks to Get Rid of Cellulite For Good

It ‘s not too late. For starters we suggest 9 useful tips and healthy food against cellulite this summer. While some thought that cellulite is just genetic, others believe that the main reason for creating a cellulite is diet which contains a lot of fat, not exercising, poor circulation and accumulation of toxins in the body.

Cellulite causes

All muscles in the body are covered with layers of fat, connective tissue of varying thickness surrounded by fluid that supplies nutrients and exempt from waste materials. This fat tissue is attached to a network of fibers (collagen and estalin), and when the organism works well, waste materials are rejected by the organism.

If waste materials are not disposed, they begin to accumulate, connective tissue is fulling with liquid, which over time get thicker, hardens and creates pockets of which creates a so-called peel the orange.

Cellulite sometimes occurs after pregnancy or when the person is taking hormone therapy (tablets), or when the body has high levels of estrogen. Given that stress can affect the circulation, also, cellulite may occur after experienced stress.

Unfortunately, cellulite is one of those things that many women have to face. The results of any anti-cellulite programs are visible even after 6 weeks, and you should not be discouraged that the changes will not be seen after just a few days.

While it is unlikely that the cellulite will disappear completely, instead of hopelessly watching as cushions rise, it would be better to take steps and to fight against women’s worst enemy.

Moderate exercise, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains and low in saturated fat, large amounts of fluids, massage and an anti-cellulite cream, it can’t be called a sacrifice which you must do to prevent or reduce the formation of cellulite .

Tips to prevent cellulite:

• Watch your intake of fluid. It is best to drink plain water. Water is a good solvent and helps in the exchange of materials, plus discards toxins.

• Replace coffee with tea plants (against cellulite is best to drink tea from herbs because stimulates circulation and detoxification of the body). You should avoid alcohol.

• Get into the correct food habits. Reduce foods high in fat and protein foods of animal origin. Choose fish. Eat more fruits and vegetables and simple carbohydrates, replace the complex. Apart from the fact that prevents cellulite, this diet is good for the whole body.

9 Very Easy Tricks to Get Rid of Cellulite For Good

• Increase the quantity of products rich in vitamin C (natural fruit juices), potassium (bananas, peaches, apricots, oranges, beans) and sulfur (protein food), because these products reject harmful substances within the body, it wins cellulite from the inside.

• Avoid over salted and over spiced food. Salt has the ability to retain water, which is one of the main causes of cellulite.

• Allow the body regularly cleaning out toxins. Taking out the toxins through urine will encourage various herbal teas, and constipation problem is solved with dried plums, wheat germs, flax seed and oatmeal .

• Daily take at least half an hour of exercise, to encourage metabolism. Lose inactivity, especially sitting all day long, creating ideal conditions for the creation of cellulite. Swimming is an ideal exercise for prevention against cellulite.

• Make sure the body has enough oxygen, the best would be to spend more time in nature. Allow the skin to sweat.

• Occasionally gently massage your critical areas. Massage stimulates circulation of blood and thus enhances the release of cellulite. Given that cellulite is 3-5 mm below the skin, there is no reason for harsh pressing and squeezing. Massage should never excessively hurt.

• Allow sufficient time for relaxation – many specialists believe that cellulite can occur as a result of the stressful lifestyle, so that in the day you allow at least one hour for yourself. Create an atmosphere in the room where you’re most relaxed.


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