9 Simple Snacks for Busy Travelers

If you find yourself travelling considerably each week, healthy eating can be challenging!

So, rather than relying on greasy roadside diners for nutrition, why not pack your car with a variety of nutritious foods?

Here are a few suggestions:

#1 Fruit – freeze grapes or berries the night prior to your journey to have as a cool snack.

#2 Vegetables – sliced raw veg such as carrots, peppers, broccoli, or green beans.

#3 Natural yoghurt – topped with a little muesli and a handful of extra nuts.

#4 Wholegrain sandwich filled with a generous amount of spinach leaves, cucumber, tomatoes and a small serving of lean meat.

#5 Low fat fruit muffins – why not try baking your own healthier version with extra seeds and nuts, and reduced sugar? Pop into the freezer, and take out the night before you need them.

#6 Popcorn – choose unbuttered/unsweetened popcorn, seasoned with herbs for extra flavour.

#7 Trail mix – using wholegrain cereal, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and a few chocolate chips. Make your own and store in individual zipper bags.

#8 Fresh fruit smoothie made with raspberries, mango, semi-skimmed milk, natural yoghurt and ground flaxseeds.

#9 Bottled water – staying well hydrated is absolutely essential if you spend a lot of time on the road.

To keep your snacks extra cool in the summer months, invest in a cooler, and store in the boot of your car.

What are your favourite snack ideas?



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