A Secret Of The Long Life : GOJI BERRIES

Goji berries, known as a most mighty, nutrient- rich food, provide the body ability to remain energized and healthy.

The Chinese put them among the top ones on the list of healing plants and herbs for numerous reasons and characteristics:
–  They are a complete source of proteins;

–  Forget about taking individual B vitamins, as these berries comprise all of them;

–  Rich in antioxidants which strengthen the protection of body by the ability to absorb the free radicals;

–  A great ability to increase the production of growth hormone, which is directly related to suppressing the process of ageing;

–  They have betaine, which role in cleaning the liver is significant;

–  They increase the immunity and the brain function;

–  Rich source of trace elements and vitamin C, including all essential amino acids;

–  The vitamin A that has a great impact on improving the eye sight is only one of components of these berries, together with many more which strengthen the bones, muscles, reproductive organs and the whole metabolism in general, so their nickname “red diamonds” is not surprising at all.

Goji Berry Plant
Goji Berry Plant

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