The Acai Berry Cleanse

There have many recent reports and even a spot on Oprah discussing the benefits of the Acai Berry Cleanse.

As usual, spin offs such as The Acai Berry Cleanse and a host of other Acai Berry related weight loss and cleanse diets have been saturating our computer screens, magazines and television.

So in true Lifestyle Bodies fashion, we decided to find out and share with you the truths and myths behind this wonderful little fruit.

What’s So Good About The Acai Berry?

The Acai Berry does indeed pack a serious punch when it comes to its nutritional qualities.

Resveratrol, the natural phenol found in grapes and our red wine for example, has been linked to certain cancer prevention through to antidiabetic effects. The Acai Berry has up to 30 times more resveratrol compared with grapes!

Not only that, but it has twice as many antioxidants than pomegranate and up to 50 times more cancer-fighting agents than mangos.

The problem is, that you get sold all of these benefits in some fluffed up sales pitch and end up with a product in a bottle or pill form. Stop right there.

While the Acai Berry certainly is one hell of a superfood, once it is processed over and over in a factory and popped into capsules, it’s not really of any use to you. You lose up to 75% of the nutritional benefits right there!
Additionally, selling you on an idea that only taking these for several days, i.e. An Acai Berry Cleanse, is ridiculous! Anybody who eats only berries or tablets for days on end is going to end up sitting on the toilet and emptying their bowels at record speeds. That’s not proper cleansing!

Another point is that adding these to your diet won’t give you a cleanse either. You don’t automatically become immune to the other toxic foods you may be introducing into your body.

The Acai Berry Cleanse

Should You Be Doing An Acai Berry Cleanse?

The truth is that if you want to “cleanse” your body, you can indeed introduce Acai Berries into your diet as their high amounts of antioxidant properties will help you significantly, but you need to ensure that you still maintain a healthy balanced diet and that indeed that diet is clean.

You also need to ensure that the Acai Berries you do introduce are as fresh as you can get them. If you have to settle for the frozen fruit, then so be it, but whatever you do, don’t fool yourself into believing pills and powdered forms are anywhere near as good. You are better off eating another type of fresh produce.

Healthy cleansing and clean eating everybody !


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