Advantages, Benefits and 8 Aspects of Yoga

There are many benefits of yoga. Some of them are enlisted as below.

– Stretching of the body increases the flexibility of the body especially the muscles like hamstrings, shoulders , biceps and back.
– Some yoga poses make you balance on one leg or just the two hands. This increases the strength in the body.
– The lean and long muscles can be toned and shaped with the help of yoga.
– Some types of pain such as back pain can be prevented with the help of yoga.
– Practicing yoga leads to better breathing.
– Yoga has mental benefits such as calmness and stress reduction.

These and many more advantages, which we will cover with time are the reason why yoga has been such a highly practised technique.
Yoga consists of eight limbs most of which are concerned with the mental and spiritual well being. These eight limbs are the eight aspects of the yoga:

Advantages, Benefits and 8 Aspects of Yoga

1) Yama which reveals the 5 guidelines with reference to the moral behavior towards others . These five guidelines include truthfulness, nonviolence, abstinence from stealing, abstinence from sexual relationships, and abstinence from intense craving.

2) Niyama which reveals the 5 guidelines with reference to the moral behavior towards oneself. These five guidelines include cleanliness, sustained practice , contentment (satisfation), surrender to God, and self study.

3) Asana which includes the practice of yoga postures.

4) Pranayama which includes practice of breathing exercises.

5) Pratyahara which focuses on withdrawal of senses to such an extent that the exterior world should not be a distraction to the world within your body.

6) Dharana which focuses on concentration. Should be able to
concentrate or be focuses on something, no matter how much distraction are caused.

7) Dhyana which highlights meditation.

8) Samadhi which means bliss. One can achieve bliss by transcending of the self via meditation.

Understanding these aspects of yoga is very important. Reaching the eighth aspect of yoga requires a lot of dedication. Most of us are notable to move above the fourth aspect. The fifth aspect of Pratyahara is a very difficult state to attain, and almost an impossible task to most of us !


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