Attention: What should you do When you get break the Thermometer?

Mercury that is used in thermometers and other measuring devices, is highly toxic substance that can enter the body through inhalation, ingestion or absorption through the skin.

Therefore, leakage of mercury from the broken thermometer is seriously dangerous situation that must not underestimate and need to accordingly reacted. If you did it happen, don’t panic but follow our advice on how to safely clean mercury.

  • In no case do not use a vacuum cleaner or broom! In this way only will expand mercury over a larger area and will contaminate the air with her particles, which would increase their chances of inhalation.
  • Don’t pour the mercury through the drain! It can remain stuck in the pipes and continue to evaporate into the room.
  • Immediately take off your clothes and shoes – for there is a danger to be contaminated with mercury. This will help to prevent spread of mercury around the house.
  • Clothes that have come in contact with the mercury did not put them in the washing machine! This way you will disseminate mercury throughout the machine and contaminate clothes that will continue to wash. Therefore, the safest is to wrap them in a plastic bag and to discard.
How to clean mercury?
  • Insulate the room! All people and pets should leave the room.
  • Open all doors and windows that coming out to the exterior of the building and close those doors that share in which is spilled mercury with other rooms in the house.
  • Use a hairdryer to having blow out mercury outwards in one place.
  • Put the rubber gloves and topple mercury on a paper towel, which subsequently wrapping the bag.
  • With a small brush smeared with shaving foam pass the entire surface of which has been spilled ,in order to gather all possible small debris.
  • Brush and gloves that will you use place them in the bag whit paper, tie it well and discard it.
  • To make sure that the surface is completely cleaned, check again detailed with manual battery.
  • Mercury can move surprising on a flat surface, so make sure you checked the whole room.
  • If the carpet came into contact with the mercury, did not keep and dispose of it immediately.
  • Let the room be ventilated for at least 24 hours after cleaning.

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