Benefits of Green Tea That You Didn’t Know About

The concept of drinking green tea is not new to the world. The Japanese and Chinese are drinking this beneficial green tea since ancient times. In today’s world, it is definitely regarded as one of the most beneficial herbal supplement. It is also become extremely popular across the world because of the enormous benefits of drinking green tea.

There are several health benefits of green tea. Green tea helps in losing weight. It also aids to lower our cholesterol levels. The immunity function within our body improvises due to the green tea. Even, the cardiovascular system of our body improvises by consuming the green tea regularly.

These numerous health benefits of green tea are because the leaf of the green tea consists of several healthy antioxidants which are scientifically known as catechin polyphenols.

Benefits of Green Tea That You Didn’t Know About

EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) is one of the most robust amongst the catechin polyphenols. It consists of around fifty percent in the entire content of catechin in the green tea. The green tea is extremely advantageous for our heart. It also circulatory system is also benefitted due to regular consumption of the green tea.

The natural resistance of our body towards cancer of various parts like breast, bladder, esophagus, pancreas, skin, stomach, prostate, lungs, colon etc is supported due to the green tea consumption. Green tea is definitely more powerful than vitamins like E and C.

As compared to the black tea, green tea is more advantageous. It contains the nearly half the caffeine content as compared to the black tea. And if we compare it with coffee, the caffeine content in green tea is nearly one forth. Therefore, you can drink green tea any time of the day without any worry about the caffeine intake.

You must understand that the green as well as black tea is obtained from the similar plant. However, the black tea is further fermented. Therefore, the content of caffeine in the black tea is more than the green tea because no fermentation is done to the leaves of the green tea.

The content of fluorine is also more in the green tea leaves. Therefore, if you consume green tea regularly, your teeth would also remain healthy. Tooth decay is prevented due to green tea consumption. The enzymes that are the source for the formation of plaque in your teeth are hindered due to the green tea. Even, green tea is extremely effective for aiding the anxiety and apprehension bothering an individual.

Green tea is respected in most of the cultures and societies of the world because of the assorted health benefits associated with it. Consuming green tea regularly would sure bestow you numerous health benefits.


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