Benefits Of Honey Water

We all know the benefits of the honey, but a few know that the water mixed with honey is very useful for the body. This drink has been long used to deal with various diseases as well as cosmetic purposes.

Preparation of honey water:

Mix one teaspoon of honey with a glass of lukewarm water. In this way, you have a 30-percent dilution which composition is identical to the blood plasma.

Honey gives the structure of the water and thus enhances its healing properties, it has been scientifically proven. This water completely and rapidly absorbes in the body.

Honey water prepared in this way have a series of benefits:

Normalizes digestion, improves the function of all parts of the gastrointestinal tract,solves the problem with the so-called lazy intestines.Improves immunity, cures colds, bronchitis, draws multitude of lungs in a natural way – through the intestines.Cleans the whole organism.

Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.Normalizes the operation of the colon. Consuming honey water is a great way to restore the intestinal microflora and the elimination of intestinal dysbiosis (imbalance microbiological).

Fighs against parasites in the body. All kinds of parasites in the digestive tract do not like the yellow color. Once you attack them with light yellow color, they will stop breeding.

Water with honey do “rehabilitation” of the intestine, thus they dissolve deposits of feces in the intestine.

Therefore, at the beginning you may notice an increase in the waist, but that should not scare you. For that, there is a simple explanation: faecal stones (plaque) “swell”, become softer and start their evacuation from the body.It helps with uncontrolled urination.

Honey is hygroscopic, collects the water so that the kidneys and bladder are not burdened at night.Honey water can be used in cosmetic purposes, so you can wipe your face with it. It nourishes the skin leaving it velvety soft and silky.

Benefits of Honey Water

Method of consuming:

Honey water in preventive purposes should be consumed every morning on an empty stomach and quickly. It is good to drink it in the evening before bedtime, and it is recommended always to be consumed only fresh prepared.


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