This is the best Diet for Losing Belly Fat

The fact that it is not possible to lose excess from the abdomen lard without reducing the total body fat.

Substantial research has shown that precisely what is best for the rapid reduction of from the abdomen of lard is the combination of a balanced feed and specific exercises.

  • Breakfast: a cup of muesli topped with milk

-Snack: dry almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts to 50 g.

  • Lunch: For lunch you can eat meat much as you want and that fish, without skin chicken, veal, lamb and pork from only steak without fat. Avoid the processed townships.It is allowed to take an integrated or rye bread. The meat can be prepare it in any way, but fudge frying of food daily.

-Snack: an apple, pear, peach, a handful of strawberries, raspberries, but bananas fudge.

  • Dinner: clear soup from vegetables without pasta, sardines or tuna in oil drained, an integrated piece of bread, a cup of yogurt, slice the integral bread, two hard boiled eggs, tomatoes.Because of exercise and the monotonous nutrition drink a vitamin-mineral tablets.
  • Never eat at least three hours before going to bed.
  • Do not eat sweets and snacks.
  • Do not drink beer, carbonated drinks and sugary fruit juices.
  • Avoid the white bread.

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