The Best Time for Eating, Exercising and Weight Loss

There is an old recipe for a healthy and prolonged weight loss: a balanced diet + exercise. It is advised that in your weight loss plan you should include “timing of the meals and the exercising” if you want to achieve maximum effects.

Wake up and eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It stimulates the metabolism and gives the necessary energy to start the day. It has been proven that people who eat their breakfast regularly, tend to consume fewer calories later in the day.It is beast to have this meal up to 1 hour after you wake up.

Exercise in the morning

Why is it good to have a morning exercise? After starting your daily activities, it is more likely that you will find many excuses to delay the exercise. However, if you feel better when you exercise in the afternoon, you should listen to what your body wants.

Do cardio exercises before weight-exercises

If your goal is to lose weight, according to experts, consider starting your training with cardio workouts (running, cycling). However, for men whose goal is to increase muscle mass, first goes weight-exercising, then a cardio workout.

Eat every 3-4 hours

If you eat regularly and don’t make big breaks between meals, you will be able to control your appetite, prevent increasing of blood sugar level and avoid overeating. This way you will boost your mood and energy. It is advised that you should have three main meals and 2-3 smaller meals.


Have a small meal at 15 pm

The small meal will satisfy your hunger enough to avoid overeating during your next big meal. Why exactly 15 pm? Around this time, people have less energy and are looking for something that will keep them awake and concentrated. For this time of the day, we suggest a snack that consists of some kind of 15-20 almonds or any other kind of protein food.

The best time for eating, exercising and weight loss

The last meal should not be more than 3 hours before bedtime

Of course, in this period of 3 hours, you can have a small meal, but dinner should be earlier so that the body can process the food. If you eat later in the night, you will need a longer time to fall asleep, and also, it is more likely that you will end up having fewer quality hours to sleep.

Alcohol at the end of the day

If you want to have a sip of alcohol, it is best to do that at the end of your day because alcohol affects hormones related to digestion and appetite control.


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