The Best And Worst Of Sugars Before And After Training

Each of these sugars in different ways produces energy in the muscles. To inflate more sugar in your muscles, you can use two or three different at the same time, instead of just one.

Many experts treat sugar as the greatest enemy of public health, taking into account that consuming too much sugar leads obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Good news: you need sugar, especially if you are active.

But, whether you actively work out or not, you should be careful, because the body in different ways and different types processing the sugar. Here are a kind of sugar you should eat before and after you workout.


It is in fruit, pasta and bread. It is the simplest type of sugar and body care efficiently dilute, goes straight into the bloodstream and therefore is the best option before training.


Another monosaccharide and glucose, which are found in fruits, fruit juices, honey and vegetables. The liver by preventing that immediately goes into the bloodstream, so the excess can directly affect the cultivation. To avoid this, hold the two glasses of fruit daily and reduce the amount of juice that you consume. The best option, before training.


The disaccharide is derived from plants such as sugar cane, and as for the food, most of it is in cakes. Recommended the consuming of sugar after a workout, because it divided into equal parts glucose and fructose enters the bloodstream where protein still sends glucose into muscle cells for energy.


We don’t have often this sugar in food, but is often used for beer production. This is not recommended consuming before a workout.


Found in milk and dairy products. Many people are intolerant to lactose, and those who are in any case, it’s not recommend eating before a workout.

Science supports this claim, pointing to various studies that the body quickly oxidizes glucose and fructose if you eat them together. A snack can consist together of popcorn, bananas and apples.


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