Breast Cancer Medication

Today many women are dying due to breast cancer, and so proper breast cancer info about medications is very necessary to stop the chances of death. If proper medication is not given to breast cancer patient she may die.

Breast cancer medication depends upon many factors such as:
– Patient’s general health
– Disease stage
– Size and location of the tumor
– Any health complications occurring in the patient.

There are many breast cancer treatment options. After determining the above conditions of the patients, the doctor suggests different types of medications that can be used for the treatment. He will also give the advantages and disadvantages of the treatments. After consulting to the doctor properly one should decide the treatment to be used.

Different options used for the treatment of breast cancer are:
– Surgery
– Chemotherapy
– Radiation therapy
– Combination therapy
– Biological therapy

As per the researches done by many doctors it is seen that combination therapy gives better result in many cases. This therapy increases the survival rate of the patient and minimizes the recurrence of disease once again.
Various drugs are also used for the treatment of breast cancer and can be used without or with surgery.

These drugs are given either by injection or orally. The drugs are mainly given at the early stage of the disease or after the surgery, which kill the cancer cells and stop their growth. Some of the medicines that are used during the breast cancer medication are Herceptin, Taxol, Tamoxifen, Docetaxel, Ellence, Cyclophosphamide, Aromasin, etc.

The breast cancer medication is used in three different ways:
Adjuvant Therapy

The adjuvant therapy is applied when the breast cancer medication is used after radiation therapy or surgery. This therapy is done to lower down the chances of recurrence of the breast cancer. Due to this therapy, the growth of cancer cells may be spread to nearby area will be stopped and remain in controlled.

Treatment of metastatic disease

If the breast cancer has metastasized to any other part of the body leaving the breast and the lymph nodes then the breast cancer drugs is the best way for the treatment.

Neo Adjuvant Therapy

The neo adjuvant therapy is used when the size of the tumor is big. By this therapy the size of tumor reduces and after that surgery is done to remove the tumor.
Thus, proper breast cancer info and medication is very necessary to survive happily after the treatment also.


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