Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Breast cancer refers to the type of cancer that develops in the breast cell of men and women. It affects several people across the world and is among the most common forms of cancer after lung cancer. Women have the maximum risks of breast cancer but men may also develop the condition. The survival rate in men and women is the same.

Sign symptoms:

The subjective sign or first symptom is a typical lump which feels different from other tissues surrounding the breast. Most of the breast cancer cases have been discovered when the patient felt the lump.

Lumps on the lymph nodes close to the armpits or collarbone are also indications of breast cancer.
Apart from this, a person affected by breast cancer can feel changes in shape or size of breast, face nipple inversion and skin dimpling.

Pain, redness and swelling in the breast region can also be an indication of breast cancer.
Some patients eczematoid skin changes, such as mild flaking and redness, are also seen.

In advanced stages of the disease, a person might experience burning, itching, increased sensitivity and tingling in the breast region. In some rare cases, patients experience unexplained weight loss.


Breast cancer is believed to be the outcome of various hereditary and environmental factors. Mutation is one of the causes of breast cancer. It had been experimentally linked to exposure of estrogens. Experts believe that in 95% of the cases breast cancer is inherited from two genes.

They are BRCA, or Breast Cancer 1, and BRCA2, or Breast Cancer 2. A person can inherit breast cancer from both male and female relatives. Though experts have identified several risk factors but any particular cause for breast cancer has not yet been determined.

Major risk factors that can cause breast cancer are age, sex, hormones, childbearing, alcohol intake, high-fat diet, obesity, shift work and radiation.

Yogic management:

Practicing some of the sitting and standing asanas can help to cure breast cancer. Some of the popular asana include:

  • Pawanmuktasana part-1 Anti- Rheumatic group
  • Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Psychic Network Purification)
  • Bhramari Pranayama (Humming Bee Breathing)
  • kapalbhati pranayama (Frontal brain cleansing breath)
  • Yoga nidra ( Psychic sleep) with therapeutic objactive
Ayurvedic management:

Stanya Shodhan herbs are most important for the treatment of breast cancer. Some of the important Stanya Shodhan herbs include guduchi, shilajit, kutki and vacha.

Kutki helps to clear waste matter from the body and makes life healthier. It is not only important for treatment of breast cancer but it can also treat liver metastasis.

Diamond Bhashma is another important Ayurvedic medicine that treats cancer. It is a special type of medical ash which is made from powdered diamonds.

Home remedies:

Cardamom, cinnamon, nagkeshar and bay are the useful home remedies to treat breast cancer.
Saffron is also beneficial in the treatment of breast cancer.


Breast cancer is a common problem among women. It is more common than cervical cancer or colorectal cancer. The incidence of breast cancer is higher in developed countries compared to the less developed ones.

The increase of complementary medicine for breast cancer is a major breakthrough. Yoga, meditation and acupuncture are some of the treatments which can help a patient of breast cancer.


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