Protect Your Children’s From Allergies

We love our kids and try protecting them from all possible problems, especially from those nasty and irritating food allergies. Allergies are one of the most common problems affecting people of all ages and gender. Till the end of time, you may possibly never know the main allergen that caused allergic reactions to you all through your life. But, if noticed carefully and tested in time, you may learn about your allergen and also start the right medication to prevent any further cases of allergic reactions.

Children love playing around in the open fields and gardens, under the sun, or with their loved pets at all times. Also, they love eating all new and cheesy food items that fascinate them, without being much concerned about the allergic reactions that may be caused in their body due to them. And hence, small children fall prey to highest numbers of allergic reactions caused due to various types of allergens. Allergies in children can be caused due to several reasons such as the food, milk or even hereditary.

In most of the general cases, allergies are caused due to food products that children usually consume during their infancy. For instance, a large number of children suffer from allergic reactions caused due to the milk protein in the cow’s milk. This type of allergy is usually seen more commonly in children within one year of age. Apart from this allergy, children are also found to be allergic to other allergens like pollens, grasses, weeds, dust mites, etc. Although above all food allergies children are found to be highly allergic to peanuts or its byproducts.

Symptoms like swelling in the throat, mouth, tongue, lips, etc. are observed.
Also, there are about 30% to 50% children who experience allergic reactions mainly as a part of hereditary that they have inherited from either of their parents. And this ratio also precisely increases to about 60% to 80% when the allergy is passed as an inheritance from both the parents.

Well, to start up with the allergy testing in children, doctors usually prefer the simple blood test and the skin tests where the probable allergen causing the disease is diagnosed. And hence, as a treatment to these food allergies children are offered the food products with high vitamin content and other nutrients like lactase, flavonoids, magnesium, folic acid, glucosamine, etc. Most of these products are readily digestible and not allergic in nature.

Flavonoids have good antioxidant properties that help in enhancing the condition of your lungs. Similarly, folic acid helps in augmenting the process of the new cell formation in the body.
Glucosamine, has anti-inflammatory properties which thus help in treating the symptoms of bronchitis or chest infection that may be caused due to an allergic reaction.
Thus, with a proper allergy testing in children, you can prevent your kid from suffering from the several symptoms of an allergic reaction.


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