Daily Diet – Diet During the Day, Enjoying the Food Overnight

Perhaps the latest Celebrity madness when it comes to losing weight still makes sense.

The latest Hollywood trend is contrary to all rules of dieting you ever knew. You know that “don’t eat after 6 PM and most definitely lose weight”, well that is out.

The point of the “Daily diet” is to eat healthy during the day, and at night you can enjoy in the food.

However there are rules to which you must follow:

– During the day you eat low-fat meals (fresh fruits and vegetables with fish or grilled chicken). No skiping meals.

– Afternoon snacks should fulfill you. It can be a cup of yogurt, bowl of salad seasoned with olive oil or raw vegetables with humus.

– Drink water. Not only the body will be hydrated , but you will no longer feel hungry.

– At night, eat what you want, but do not over do it. If you consumed a large amount of food in the evening than in the morning you will woke up full and you will skip breakfast. Then you will eat too much for lunch and that is not good for you. So you will keep going into this vicious circle of hunger and overeating.

– Start the evening with a glass of sparkling water – this will trick you to curb your appetite. Then freely enjoy the juicy sandwich, pizza. You can drink a glass of wine too.

– And this is important – no meal at least one hour before you go to bed.

Stars who have used daily diet

“Getting out of the evening for me is my hobby” says Sofia Vergara. I Attempt to eat healthy during the day so I can eat what i want for dinner.

“I eat healthy until the dinner and then i treat myself” says Gwyneth Paltrow. “Yesterday when I came home i had fresh bread with cheese and martini for dinner.”

Reference by a specialist

Regular, low-fat meals with fresh fruits and vegetables with fish or grilled chicken, afternoon snacks, moderation in the amount of food, drinking water before meals, eating at least one hour before bedtime – is not contrary to the rules of diet food. Just contrary, if you respect this recommendation, it is a reliable way to reach your slim figure.

The daily diet respect all the principles of proper nutrition. It is based on the principle of ”saving ” calories throughout the day, which is compensated by a rich dinner. Doubt can cause recommendation for the evening meal – eat what you want. Dinner is an important meal that should not be overlooked, because otherwise the feeling of hunger at night can interrupt sleep and poor sleep causes obesity.

The daily menu should be conceived in accordance with the daily activities . Since we are most active in the morning, it is recommended to be low calorie breakfast, and for the evening you should eat something light.


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