Defeat Allergies with Ayurvedic Management and Home Remedies

Allergies can be dubbed as irregular reactions of the immune system, which occur when a person comes in contact with a specific substance that triggers the reaction.

However, these substances may not produce the same reaction in every person. A substance which makes a person allergic might not have any effect on another.

Sign symptoms:

Allergic symptoms may vary depending on the traits of the allergic disease. However, majority of the allergic diseases have some common symptoms. These include:

  • -Inflammation in body parts
  • -Swelling up of the nose
  • -Sneezing
  • -Coughing
  • -Fever

The most common substances that make people allergic include pollen, latex, dust and certain types of food. The environment a person lives in can also play a role in the development of allergies. At times allergies run in the genes of some people.

Environmental factors are often blamed as a potent cause behind the formation of allergies in individuals. In industrial areas, with high pollution levels, many people suffer from allergies. There are certain chemical substances responsible for allergy formation among people living in such regions.

However, the importance of genetic factors should not be undermined in this context. Often twins share common allergic traits. Parents who have allergies may produce children who inherit those allergies.

Yogic management:

Apart from taking physician-prescribed medications, people suffering from allergies can resort to several yoga practices to alleviate the symptoms of the allergy.

Those suffering from allergies can benefit by doing Kapalbahati Pranayama (Frontal Brain cleansing breath).It comprises a series of forceful, rapid exhalations as well as passive inhalations. It clears the nasal passage.

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Psychic Network Purification) is a form of Pranayama that can be done using both the nostrils.

Setubandh asana (Bridge pose), can help in expanding the lungs and chest of a person. This leads to enhanced breathing power.

Ayurvedic management:

Ayurveda advocates a 4-step procedure to deal with allergies. This includes ways to enhance the digestive capacity, make adjustments to the diet to facilitate a clean burn and purify and strengthen the immune system. These processes help in eradicating allergy from its root cause in the body.

Ayurveda believes that improper eating habits lead to the development of allergies in many instances. Hence it recommends eating foods that are easy to digest but which preserve the essential nutrients.

Allergies can get aggravated if a person suffers from stress-related burnout. Therefore, it recommends meditation to battle the stress.

Herbal oil massages are beneficial for eliminating the allergens that enter the body through the nostrils and food.

Mild body cleansing procedures like panchakarma, along with the application of powerful herbs, help in eliminating allergy.

Home remidies:

A person who is prone to allergy can take certain precautions at home to keep the allergy at bay. These include:

He can keep his bed clean so that it does not gather dust particles and allergens. While using a vacuum cleaner he should wear a face mask to protect the nostril from the dust. He can replace his carpets with throw rugs, as these rugs are washable.

To keep the air in the room free from dust and pollen, he can install an air filter.


The growth of population and environmental pollution are two contributing factors behind the rise of allergic reaction in people. Taking precaution is the best way to keep allergies at bay.

At any rate, a person should try to stay away from allergens. People who suffer from dust allergy should avoid going to dusty places and environments. It would be better to consult a doctor to find out about the allergens.


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