Diet For Stomach Ulcer

Proper nutrition can help to reduce the amount of acid secreted, as well as to increase the defense capabilities of the gastric mucosa. Digestive organs are sensitive to changes in ambient temperature, and the arrival of spring is not at all pleasant for people who have ulcer disease and other diseases of the digestive tract. The immediate cause of ulcers is quite simple – stomach secretes more acid and digestive enzymes than its mucous membranes can handle, leading to the creation of sores that burn, pain and sometimes bleeding. What is the basis of the causes of peptic ulcer disease is still controversial, but the fault is largely attributed to the bacterium known as Helicobacter pylori. It is believed that infection releases acid in the stomach, causing ulceration (formation of ulcers).

Stress, improper diet, excessive use of alcohol and smoking may be the cause of more frequent diseases of modern man. As you can influence the formation of ulcers, food and drink we consume in your body can affect the intensity of symptoms in people who are already sick.

Goodbye, milk !

Formerly it was believed that the milk is medicine for stomach ulcers, but this theory long ago discarded. It may create an apparent effect of improving, which takes only twenty minutes, but in the long run can exacerbate the condition. Milk significantly enhances the secretion of gastric acid, which lasts for hours after its use. Beware of hidden sources of these foods – cakes, chocolate and other industrial food. The biggest enemies of your stomach are cured meats and processed meats, fried foods, refined oils and margarine, alcohol, coffee, candy, soft drinks, fatty cheeses, canned foods, ketchup … the list of foods that are not conducive to patients with stomach ulcers is long indeed.

Ulcer diet menu for 7 days:
First day

Breakfast: Juice from carrots and apples, and after an hour of millet cooked in almond or rice milk. If desired, you can add raisins, chopped banana, ground almonds and honey.

Snack: Blended seasonal fruit.

Lunch: Brown rice with spinach (without milk and roux, only boiled) and tofu.

Dinner: Homemade wholemeal crackers with seeds and probiotic yogurt.

Second day

Breakfast: shake of raspberries, bananas, alfalfa germ, kiwi, honey and a little water. After an hour and eat a dozen raw almonds.

Snack: mash of quinoa, honey and cinnamon.

Lunch: soup, red lentil, carrot, onion and potato and green salad with olive oil. Eat with bread from spelled.

Dinner: polenta with sour cream and minced seeds, flax, sesame and pumpkin.

The third day

Breakfast: Kombucha and fruit of your choice, and after half an hour to an hour oatmeal boiled in water or plant milk and mixed with chopped banana, minced almonds, minced seeds, flax, carob and honey to taste.

Snack: Strawberries.

Lunch: Braised chicken and cabbage salad (without bread, rice and potatoes).

Dinner: Porridge of amaranth and dried fruit.


The fourth day

Breakfast: Banana, but after half an hour wholemeal bread with spread of seeds (mix spoonful of ground raw linseed, sesame and pumpkin with a spoon of olive oil, a spoon of tomato juice, curry and garlic, if desired), and grated carrots.

Snack: Almonds and raisins.

Lunch: Baked salmon and salad of fresh cabbage and carrots.

Dinner: Grits millet (cooked as polenta) and sour milk.

Diet For Stomach Ulcer

The fifth day

Breakfast: Juice from carrots and apples, and later with polenta and spoon cottage cheese and linseed oil.

Snack: Banana and apple.

Lunch: Boiled egg, boiled potatoes with shell – is eaten and shell – and chard cooked by steaming with the addition of olive oil and garlic to taste.

Dinner: Quinoa with carrots and broccoli.

The sixth day

Breakfast: Fresh fruit, if desired, and after half an hour to an hour integral pancakes with healthy chocolate (blend several fresh of dates, a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of ground almonds, carob and spoon a little cocoa powder, if necessary, add a teaspoon of water).

Snack: Homemade integral cookie with raisins.

Lunch: Tomato soup with millet, integral pasta with cream of tofu (raw tofu cook about ten minutes, and then blend with five tablespoons of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice) and lettuce.

Dinner: Shake of fresh germ, bananas, strawberries and other fruits as desired.

The seventh day

Breakfast: Kombucha and strawberries, then oatmeal with a banana, almonds and minced seeds.

Snack: Probiotic yogurt

Lunch: Trout in foil and salad of wild garlic, lettuce and raw young spinach.

Dinner: A sandwich with hummus and grated carrot.

Ulcer diet is carried out until after the complaints, it is not necessary to keep strictly the menu but it is important to properly combine foods and to create spaces in between meals.

Here are some tips for implementing ulcer diet and formed independently menu …

Fruit is healthy, but if you eat them immediately after meals will cause rotting food in the stomach and digestive problems. Meat and fish eat only with vegetables, legumes, combine cereal, that you can safely eat and with fermented milk products. Grains and nuts also are well tolerated, while the fruit is combined only with other fruits, water, honey and dried fruit.

For all those who suffer from diseases of the digestive system are advised to periodically during the day “rest” your stomach that you do not mix too many different foods at one meal. The ideal is to eat every four hours and not during meals drink water – do it half an hour before or three to four hours after a meal.

Eat bananas !

If your ulcer diet is too complicated eat bananas to alleviate symptoms of disease. This fruit can protect you from excess acid and prevent the occurrence of ulcers, because it works antiulcerogenic. Indian doctors even prescribe their patients the dust of one type of green bananas and achieved remarkable results in the treatment. Bananas eat on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning after waking up. Freshly squeezed juice of cabbage is well known natural remedy for ulcers, because it increases the resistance of the gastric mucosa to acid attacks. Use a liter of juice a day, always freshly prepared. Linseed contain mucus that has a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa, and it is advisable to use them for long periods. Seeds can in the evening soak in water, cover, and in the morning strain and drink the resulting liquid.




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