Do You Know How Coconut And Mango In Cosmetic Products Acting On Our Skin?

Products that stand out colors and shapes, ideal to start the day in a good mood. The fruit is packed with nutrients and roads is an ingredient of many cosmetic lines to keep skin smooth, moisturized and radiant. However, you do not have to always rely on expensive brands to get a result.


Coconut milk is rich in oils and vitamins that nourish the skin and hair. Nutrients coconut oils penetrate into the depths of the skin, moisturizing it and locked moisture.

It is ideal for dry skin elasticity and beauty. In the end, who does not enjoy the smell of coconut, which is synonymous with summer and the beach ?!

Filipino are widely known for its luxurious and fragrant hair. Their secret is coconut oil, which is heated and rubbed into the hair. You will discover a radiant and silky hair after washing.

Irrigation authorities in coconut milk is not only enjoyment and a chance to relax … this is a treatment that offers dozens of benefits, both for the body and skin.

If you believe the world famous nutritionist, daily consumption of a tablespoon of coconut oil significantly raises the energy. In addition, the coconut is a highly nutritious ingredient for skin and body.

They recognized this and numerous domestic and world wellness centers in their offer treatments designed to hydrate and protect the skin from drying out. Experts say that coconut milk and oil provides the skin with unsurpassed nutrients, softening is better than most notorious and overpriced lotion.


Mango is a fruit that is grown more than 5,000 years. According to legend, Buddha was sitting under a mango tree when he experienced an epiphany. It is not necessary that you will pass to the higher level of consciousness when your body cultivate mango, but you will certainly be protected in antioxidants.

Mangos are a rich source of vitamins A, C and E, iron, beta-carotene and essential fatty acids. The key to its cosmetic use is the kernel of the press and from which it receives butter.
To regenerate the skin and hair when comminuted to a pulp and applied to the desired part of the body.


A pleasant bath is one of the most routine of daily life. Not only that hydrates and cleanses the body, but positively affects the health of the organism.

With the help of flower bath will help your mind and body, because the flowers and salts are added to the bath curative effect on the body.

Floral baths nourish the body and make it soft. Sweet, pleasant scent of flowers relaxing effect on the body and improve your mood.


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