Dr.Oz Gives Us 3 Ways To Get Rid Off Stretch Marks Naturally

We all love Dr.Oz. His advice are very useful and at the same time he offers remedies on a natural basis. Today we offer you three solutions for stretch marks.Stretch marks are woman worst enemy.The fact that it is very hard to beat them, makes them more undesirable.The only thing what we can do is to influence on their visibility and to prepare in the future to appear in small number.

Dr.Oz Gives Us 3 Ways To Get Rid Off Stretch Marks Naturally

Stretch marks are damage on our connective tissue, and they are product from rapid stretching of our skin, that can appear in our puberty when our body is changing and growing, from extreme diets when we lose a lot of weight in short period and most of all they appear during pregnancy.

When the middle layer of skin is rapidly stretched, it comes to reducing the elasticity and the fiber just tear. The result of this effect is ugly lines on the skin of the body that can be pink, red or white depending on your depth and age.


Commonly occur on the hips, buttocks, stomach and chest.It is important to note that stretch marks can not be completely eliminated, but can only mitigate.The popular television physician Mehmet Oz offers three solutions for stretch marks that can apply in the comfort of your home:


Lotion with Vitamin C

Although it sounds so simple, if you purchase a lotion containing vitamin C, that will facilitate the production of collagen. This vitamin helps the skin to regain its lost elasticity, making the stretch marks thinner, so the visibility will be significantly reduced. Apply this lotion on the critical areas twice daily, in the morning and in the afternoon.


Tretinoin Cream

This cream is available by prescription and is suitable for fresh stretch marks with a darker color.
Tretinoin is a special form of vitamin A, and this cream is very powerful. You have to use at least 12 weeks to see results from its effect. It is relatively expensive, alternative for this cream is cream with retinol, which is commonly used for facial care.



Is performed so that makes gentle exfoliation and skin polishing to remove or minimize various imperfections such as acne scars, more shallow and deeper wrinkles. Dr. Oz recommends that microdermabrasion actually allows the skin to grow and self regenaration, by destroying the small cells(defects) on the surface of the skin. This treatment is not painful at all, and allows the body to do exactly what is desired, and it’s actually heal stretch marks.


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