We Eat Poison! How To Identify GMO Foods In 2 Steps!

Mention how, regardless of the claim that the cultivation of GMO tomato stopped, the Internet circulated photos to distinguish organic from GMO tomato. Take a look at the photo and remeber, just in case.

The market is offering a variety of tomatoes, and their quality depends on the method of cultivation. Recently, an expert from the Institute of Molecular Biology “Ruder Boskovic” Hrvoje Fulgosi broke the myth of GM tomatoes. He claims that they do not exist, but it tasteless to the market, he said, is poorly grown tomatoes.

“The truth is that the GM tomatoes were first developed. But the variety was tasteless and was withdrawn from the market even in the 90s.

Tomatoes we are buying are tasteless because they are grown without the land. Exposed to ethylene to prior ripe but not develop the sugars, “he explained.

Whether you believe this expert or not, it’s good to know how to avoid an encounter with badly grown, tasteless tomatoes, whether or not GMO, or treated with other bad chemicals.

Therefore, it is important to know this:
  • – For fruits and vegetables that is grown in the usual way (grown by injecting chemicals), helps to make the code on the labels consist of four digits.
  • – Organic grown fruits contain a five-digit code in front of which the number is 9
  • – Genetically modified fruits have a five-digit code in front of which the number is 8
For example:
  • – Normally grown tomatoes would be: 4011
  • – Organic tomatoes would be: 94011
  • – Genetically modified tomato would be: 84011

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