Eat These Foods For Fast Injury Recovery

As a person involved in sports, being relegated to the couch or wheelchair hurts more than the injury. Whether you have been injured today or nursing an injury, it can be really frustrating and disheartening if you are not able to train as much as you want.

Elevation, strength work, rest, compression, massage and icing are some of the successful treatments depending on the kind of injury.

Nonetheless, to ensure the injury has completely healed, the right nutrition is required, especially because the body is configured in such a way that healing begins from the inside.

Providing the body with the right nutrients and foods to the body the healing period can be shortened and recovery boosted. The foods to aim for that boosts your healing include the following.

Vitamin C rich foods

Vitamin C is very important in the body. It is a water soluble mineral found in such foods as broccoli, pepper, kiwi, berries and citrus among others. The body is incapable of making this vitamin and thus has to be eaten as much as possible.

Vitamin C’s part in the healing process includes creating new proteins in your blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, scar tissue and the skin. Also, it helps the body to maintain bone tissue and cartilage. It is also instrumental in protecting against the onslaught of free radicals.

Vitamin A rich foods

Vitamin A is very important and promotes white blood cell production in the body. It is found in spinach, winter squash, sweet potatoes and carrots.

Through white blood cells, viruses and infections are fought off. You might not have an injury you can see, but the body must keep on producing white blood cells to boost healing and injury protection.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are quite important in reducing inflammation to a level where you might not need to use drugs or pain killers.

Research results have indicated eating foods such as walnuts, flax seeds and salmon that contain these fatty acids can reduce inflammation from daily workout or sport injury. As the inflammation and swelling of an injury is reduced, the pain will come down as healing is promoted.

Eat These Foods For Fast Injury Recovery


Zinc rich foods

Chicken, seeds, nuts and oysters are some of the foods that give the body the much needed zinc. You must remember every tissue in the body has some level of zinc and it is very crucial in the process of healing.

Through zinc the body is given a chance to use proteins and fats consumed for the promotion of healing and growth of an injured tissue. Through zinc, the immune system is also boosted.


Most healthy meats reinforce protein in the body, such as chicken, fish and grass fed beef including other foods such as eggs. Once you have been injured, the demand for protein in the body increases.

Different processes in the body require lots of protein immediately the injury has occurred and throughout the period of recovery. Once you have injured yourself, the most important thing is shifting your daily diet from a carbohydrate reinforced diet to a high protein one.

It is important to know what to eat throughout the day and you can begin by taking enough water. Breakfast is important and you can consume as much juicy fruit as possible, especially those with a lot of fluid like peaches, mangoes, papayas, pineapple, melon and citrus.

Contacting a Chiropractor to aid in speedy recovery is your best bet when you have undergone such injury.


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