Eating The Wrong Food Can Ruin Your Training Progress – Avoid This Food

The key to an excellent body is the energy that you should have, but eating the wrong food can ruin your training progress and instead, you will stagnate and will not accomplish anything.

Eating the wrong food before your workout can make you lethargic, it can destroy your system or cause cramps. The same can happen if you leave your stomach empty.

So, do not destroy your cardio session or your weightlifting session before you even start.

To help you, we present the five biggest mistakes that many people do. Read on, and try to avoid them.

Sugar intake

If you feel like your energy drops in the afternoon, you reach for a chocolate, donut or something similar.

You think that sugar will increase your energy and will make you last through the last repetition. In reality, the exact opposite will happen.

Everything that is sweet and contains refined carbohydrates can increase your blood pressure and cause you to crash in the middle of your training.

Fast food

You did not intend to exercise after you just had a hamburger sandwich, but you feel like the sandwich is standing like a brick in your throat and you desperately want to visit the gym.

Going to the gym would be the wrong thing to do. High-fat meals need several hours to decompose in the body, and this process will seriously slow you down.

All the blood in your body is directed to your stomach in order to help the digestion, which means that there will be no blood left for your muscles when they need it the most.

Empty stomach

If you think that starvation will help you burn a larger number of calories, you could not be more wrong. It can only make you feel bad during your workouts.

Working hard on an empty stomach starves your muscles and exhausts the glycogen from the muscles which causes them to tire faster.

If you eat only one piece of fruit or a cup of yogurt before exercising, it will help your body to last through the practice.

Energy drinks

This mistake is a little tricky because many studies have proven that a little caffeine before exercise can lift you up and boost your energy. However, the problem is that energy drinks also contain a lot of sugar.

If you constantly rely on them and the “energy” that they give, you may face many difficulties in achieving results.

The high amount of caffeine in many of these drinks can really ruin your sleeping habits. When you do not have enough time to get enough sleep, your workouts and your diet will suffer.

A cocktail of uncooked eggs

We’ve all seen Rocky, the American champion. He started every workout with a glass of raw eggs.

The truth is that proteins can help you with the exercise and build muscle, but there are much better ways to consume proteins then the despicable drinking of eggs, which can cause diarrhea and salmonella.

What to eat instead of all this?

The recommended meals to eat before exercising are yogurt or cheese combined with healthy carbohydrates, like fruit or a protein shake (which has about 200-300 calories), 45 minutes prior to the workout.


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