Every Day We Use Parsley But This Certainly You Did Not Know About It !

People are now prone to a variety of pills, vitamins, food supplements, as never in the history. But the truth is actually to purchase a variety of vitamins is not favorable to you, than pharmacists because everything you buy in these pills.

Actually everything you need is free of all within reach of God’s creation and safely, just as the man and necessary.

Our world is rich in herbs, grasses and spices which are actually a drug for humans and their healing properties, that no man, not even had a sense that we only proves that perfect creation of God.

One of the absolute leader of health, natural remedy consumption can replace almost all vitamin pills today parsley, spice, which we all use it almost daily. Parsley is native to the Mediterranean countries, and from there it spread to all the countries of southern Europe.

By the end of the Middle Ages parsley was used only as a medicinal plant. Later expanded throughout history in all the kitchens of the world while his original mission drugs remain on the sidelines.

Full of vitamins

Parsley is extremely healing and special including its healing wins and leaf and root of this plant. It contains natural essential oils, which include myristicin, lemon, eugenol and alpha-Thuja. The second group includes flavonoids: apiin, apigenin, luteolin and crisoeriol.

Teeming with potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper and other trace elements that are important to the human body and an excellent source of vitamins C, A and K.

Essential oils, containing parsley, particularly myristicin, protect against cancer, especially cancer of contracting lung, which is confirmed in scientific studies. Because essential oils, which contains, parsley has chemo-protective effect.

Neutralises the operation of chemical substances, which can be dangerous to our health, such as carcinogenic benzopyrene (found in cigarette smoke) and others. Parsley is a diuretic, which means it stimulates urination and thus the removal of toxins from the body.

Every Day We Use Parsley But This Certainly You Did Not Know About It !

Can completely cure anemia because is an amazing rich of iron and vitamin C that has even more than the lemon, which is known for vitamin C.

Regenerate the human body and promotes blood count, the ancient Egyptians long ago used parsley to treat kidney disease and urinary tract. But also believes that the parsley is very healing on inflammation of the prostate and urinary tract infections.

Also, parsley is good for treatment of rheumatism, gout, and is good for the regulation of body weight. Parsley has a beneficial effect on the liver, so it is recommended for jaundice.

Against cellulite

Six handful of chopped parsley leaf cook for two minutes in two liters of water. Then strain and when the tea lukewarm, (15-30 minutes). Massage the parts of the body with cellulite (the best in the evening, before bedtime). In cotton cloth soaked in parsley tea let stand through the night.

Removing the wrinkles

Two ounces of chopped parsley leaf put in half a pint of cold water and strain after 24 hours. Soak a cotton ball obtained liquid and put lightly at the area around the eyes, mouth and neck. Leave to dry. Repeat the treatment several times in a period of half an hour.


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