A Gift Of Nature: The Apricot Oil

Apricot oil is a perfect choice for people who have sensitive skin. As he absorbs instantly, we can apply after showering and then dry off normally.

If you want a good treatment for hair and get a great glowing skin , do not hesitate: try the apricot oil.It is obtained by pressurizing the very seed of the apricot tree, so that manage to concentrate a high number of very proper nutrients to dry hair and ill-treated, and treat any skin problem associated with age, sunburn or simple dryness.

While this oil originates in Armenia, today we find apricot oil in any natural store or shop specializing beauty.

King of treatments for hair and skin: apricot oil

In our beauty rituals we are accustomed sometimes to invest enough money . Treatments for hair straightening, to polish or contribute more silkiness …

What can we say about our skin? We have a cream to moisturize, nourish another to another to fight aging … Many things!

Oil apricot is a natural treasure of properties a “two in one” well suited to take care of our skin and hair , hence always worth it at home.

Take note of everything you can do for us:

1. Apricot oil has greater benefits than almond oil

We all know the great virtues of almond oil . Now the oil obtained from the seed of the apricot has even more nutrients :

Higher content of carotenoids
It has linoleic acid and Omega 6
Vitamin A, B, C, E
Contains potassium and magnesium

2. Care for all skin types

Apricot oil, plus a delicious smell form is perfect not only for us but for the whole family resort . We explain why:

This oil absorbs instantly, leaves no sticky skin and is very suitable to apply in our body, for instance, after showering. It leaves a smooth and soft skin when.
Given its richness in nutrients and its softness, it is very suitable for the skin of babies. They have some kind of irritation, do not hesitate to apply a few drops. you favor the desinflamacion and relief.
Apricot oil is great for aftershavein the case of men. Also for us when we depilamos . Prevents irritation and soothes.
This oil is widely used especially for treating dry and wrinkled skin, both on the face, around the eyes and body.
If your skin is sensitive, do not hesitate to try this apricot oil. It soothes and protects us from external agents such as wind, or other elements that can harm us.

3. Apricot oil cares for your hair

Apricot oil is used mainly for straightening hair .
It is very effective to repair hair damaged by the sun, by the effect of the dyes or hair irons.
If you mix a few drops of oil of apricot with a little water and bring the mixture to a diffuser, you get a delicious perfume for your hair.

A Gift Of Nature: The Apricot Oil

How I can use the apricot oil in day to day?

1. As facial

This oil is very useful if we use before bedtime.
What we will do is to apply 4 drops on a cotton pad and make a circular on clean face massage. Do it before you get your usual cream , which you usually use to you before going to sleep, either moisturizer or wrinkle.
Do not forget either the eye area. Apricot oil is very effective in treating this delicate area of our face.
Let the skin absorb the oil for one minute.You see how soft the feel.

2. As body treatment

If you want to have a smoother, softer and toned skin , apply 8 drops in the palm of your hands and then massage your body with oil right after your shower. It absorbs the moment!
Another idea is to put a few dropsin your body cream or your usual hand cream . Thanks to oil apricot, get many more nutrients.

3. As restorative hair treatment

One thing to keep in mind is that if your hair is oily, it is not appropriate to use this oil .
Apricot oil as hair repairer is only useful if you have dry hair, dull and damaged by the sun or dye. If you have rather greasy will not help.
To benefit from it, just make sure you put afive droplets on your hands and it Lay the ends to the roots. Hair should be dry.
Let act over 15-20 minutes, then wash the hair normally.
The use of this oil is great for recovering muted and dull hair . Are you going to miss it? Dare to try it today!


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