Goodbye Thick Ankles : 3 Tricks To Help Your Legs Look Perfect

The thighs are the most critical part of the legs of many women. But there is another part of the body that most of women does not like. It is an ankle. Do you want this leg lead to perfection and get rid of the syndrome ‘thick ankles’ discover the cause and fix the problem.

1) Fat

Each kilogram of excess is deposited in the form of body fat on the arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and ankles. Do you want to get rid of fat deposits in this area it is important to exercise a targeted focus on this neglected area.

Cardio exercises such as running, jumping rope, dancing and swimming are ideal for strengthening the muscles of the whole body. Before exercise warm up well.

2) Water

In addition to the abdomen and thigh, water retention will first notice on your ankles, especially after prolonged retention in a sitting position. It may be a sign of poor circulation, hormonal changes, and poor diet.

Avoid salty and fatty foods such as hamburgers and fried pastries and sparkling drinks. Also, drink plenty of fluids, more precisely water and teas and after prolonged sitting take at least half an hour a day for a walk or any form of physical activity.

3) Genetics

Strong, bold ankles are often genetic physical attribute. Although genetics can not change, what we can do is pull out all of your physical appearance with the help of targeted exercise.

Every day at home do exercises that shape and define the sheets and ankles.

– Put on your shoes and stand on the bench, the threshold or any elevated surface in your home, but also to rely only on the fingers while the heel is in the air.

– Straighten your back and start to lift on the fingers as much as you can, hold that position for a second, and lower the heel to the starting position.

– The exercise is performed in three sets of 15 repetitions.


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