Hair Loss (Baldness) Causes And Home Remedies

Before you opt for hair loss natural remedies it is a must to know what hair loss is all about. Hair loss, or baldness, is a common problem these days among both men and women. Androgenic alopecia is a condition in which hair becomes thin and hair loss natural remedies seeks to cure this problem.

Adult males generally suffer from this problem. However, this problem manifests differently in different people. There are several kinds of baldness. A common one is female and male pattern alopecia areata (a condition in which the person experiences some hair loss).

The other kind is alopecia (also called alopecia and rogenetica or and rogenetic alopecia). Alopecia totalis refers to a condition where a person suffers from extreme hair loss and even in such cases hair loss natural remedies can be effective.

In some cases, environmental conditions are responsible for the problem. However, there can be other reasons as well. Baldness can also be hereditary.

Sign symptoms:

In extreme case, you might find your comb with a bunch of hair in it. At times, the hair loss happens gradually and if you use the right hair loss natural remedies you can arrest it at its onset. You may lose hair daily.

The worst part is that chances of hair growing back are less in such cases. People suffering from hair loss should consult a doctor at the initial stage. The problem may become serious if not treated at the right time and so finding right hair loss natural remedies is a must.


Baldness may occur due to sexual frustration and stress. Many people suffer from stress, leading to hair loss. Insomnia, or sleeplessness, can also cause baldness. In case of adult males, problems with sleep can be one of the main causes of baldness.

Frequent ejaculation is another main cause of baldness. In some cases, people suffer from hair loss after a major operation. Often treatments like chemotherapy can cause hair loss. Radiation has a number of side-effects. However, this kind of hair loss is temporary and is related to sickness stress.

Hair loss may occur due to hormonal imbalance. It may also occur due to an underactive or overactive thyroid gland. This is treatable, but you need to consult the doctor immediately if you are facing this problem. Imbalance of estrogens and androgens can also lead to hair loss.

Lactating mothers may suffer from hair loss. It is also a hormonal problem. However, this is a temporary condition. Hair loss may occur due to certain medicines. Blood thinners or anticoagulants, medicines used in chemotherapy, antidepressants, birth control pills and medicines used in the treatment of gout can adversely affect hair.

Infections can also lead to hair loss. Children can suffer from hair loss due to fungal infections. Antifungal medicines can help. Loss of hair can occur due to certain diseases, such as diabetes and lupus.

Yogic management:

There are several hair loss natural remedies which can definitely benefit you. Yoga is also a part of the hair loss natural remedies.

Yogasanas can be effective in the treatment of anxiety, stress, poor blood circulation and indigestion (the main causes of balding or hair loss). Standing forward bend, Sarvangasana(shoulder stand pose) and Vajrasana (Thunder bolt pose) are considered effective yoga-based solutions for hair loss.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), Ushtrasana (Camel pose) and Pawanmuktasana (wind releaving pose) are the other important yogasanas that can help tackle this problem.

Hair Loss (Baldness) Causes And Home Remedies

Ayurvedic management:

There are some extremely effective Ayurvedic treatment hair loss medicines for the treatment of baldness. According to Ayurveda, hair loss happens because of pitta dosha. In order to avoid this condition, it is better not to eat oily foods.

Under Ayurvedic treatment hair loss, Ayurvedic researchers advise drinking one-third of a cup aloe vera juice daily. White sesame seeds (which are rich in magnesium and calcium) also help reduce the problem.

Oil massages are also effective. Coconut oil massages are also known to help hair growth.
Vitamin E oil can be effective for such conditions. You can also use Bhringaraj or Brahmi oil for the treatment of hair loss.

Home remedies:

Apart from yoga as the hair loss natural remedies, there are certain home remedies as well. Oil massages are effective home remedies. Brahmi, coconut and Vitamin E oils can be mixed and applied to your hair.

Sleep is another important factor in the healthy growth of hair. Sleep well without any anxiety and there will be no such problem. A proper and balanced diet can help alleviate the condition.


Apart from Ayurvedic treatment hair loss and hair loss natural remedies, Hair loss can be treated with medicines. If you feel the problem is beyond your control, you should immediately consult a doctor.

It is better to detect the reasons before proceeding with treatment. Some Ayurvedic treatment hair loss can also help.  Additionally, yogasanas have also proved to be effective. Meditation and good food will keep the problem at bay.


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