Heals Everything – Mulberry: The Perfect Cure For Various Diseases!

When you encounter a mulberry, not bypassing it than eat it because this fruit is so delicious that it must not be forgotten. Eat it fresh or gather for syrup or jam.

There are three main types of mulberry, white (Morus alba), red (Morus rubra) and black (Morus nigra).

The difference between them is the color of the fruit, not in taste. In addition to what can be eaten fresh, very suitable for making juices and syrups and marmalades and jellies but also and brandy. Because of its high sweetness fits well with game dishes. Mulberry leaves can be used for animal nutrition, especially of dairy, because dairy production increase.

The health benefits of mulberry

It is said that regular consumption of fresh fruit may help to prevent cancer, digestive problems and high blood pressure. It is believed that the fruit helps to alleviate pain in the throat, and in folk medicine as a means of recommending against inflammation, as an antidote, a fungicide, or a sedative and a tonic for the skin. The white mulberry is used to treat mouth ulcers and other inflammation in the mouth, pain in the hands, asthma, bronchitis, general weakness, colds, insomnia and painful menstruation.

Tea made from mulberry for beautiful skin

Tea made from mulberry leaves is particularly good for cleansing the skin, and so will the daily washing with tea mulberry your cheeks be smooth, clean and beautiful, and most will help in solving acne face.


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