Helpful Tips How To Reduce The Risk of Getting Cancer by 90%

Most people believe that cancer is a disease resulting from a major life tragedy and that depends genetic family history. Genetic predisposition plays an important role, but most of us have a greater impact on personal health than you think.
If you only improve your daily diet and your life habits it really can impact positively on your life.

• 7 % if you change the types of wine

Choose drink with less alcohol, so you will reduce the risk of colon cancer by 7 %.

• 21 % if you quit junk food

By eating processed meat products in quantities of 50 grams (example: one hot dog ) increases your risk of bowel cancer by more than 5 % . Why ? Numerous additives in these products can cause the formation of carcinogenic cells.

• 32 % of drinking tea

Just two cups of tea a day 10 % lower risk of cancer of the digestive organs. Antioxidants found in tea stimulate the production of liver enzymes to eliminate cancerous substances.

• 70 % of sex protection

Women whose partners always use condom during sex are 70 % less often diagnosed with HPV than those whose partners did not use it.

• 30 % of physical activity

People who exercise regularly suffer less from polyps that can cause cancer. Physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer by 40 % , ovarian cancer by 30% and colon cancer by 30 %.

• 83 % by leaving cigarettes

Even 80 % of cases of lung cancer occur in women who are smokers, experts claim. Leaving cigarettes significantly reduces the risk of all cancers. A daily cigarette contains more than 60 carcinogens. With alcohol while smoking accelerates the absorption of these substances of tobacco in the mouth and throat.

• 40 % by eating eggs

Women who eat 6 eggs a week reduces the risk of breast cancer by 40 % , claim researchers.

• 45 % with consumption of vegetables like bean, peas, corn

Overall, vegetables. Studies show that vegeterijancite rarely suffer from cancer than those who eat meat. The risk in vegeterijancite decreased by 50 % when it comes to leukemia, cancer of the stomach. Experts recommended maximum of 500 grams of red meat per week.

• 50 % with sunscreen

Deficiency of vitamin D in the body increases the risk of breast cancer, ovarian and colon. Scientists claim that daily exposure to sunlight reduces the risk of cancer, even 50 % is necessary and application of SPF – preparations.

• 40 % drinking milk

By drinking a glass of milk per day reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 40%. This is because the high percentage of calcium in milk that protects against cancer of the colon.

• 14 % reduction in salt in the diet

Reducing the amount of daily salt only 6g can reduce the risk of stomach cancer for 17%. On the other hand, there are plenty of scientific evidence that too much salt in the diet can damage the lining of the stomach and cause cancer.

• 50 % using the Sun Protecting Cream

The preparations for the sunscreen should be applied not only in summer, but every day of the year, because it reduces the risk of melanoma by 50 %.

• 25 % by eating fruits and vegetables

The consumption of these products reduces the risk of lung cancer by 40%. they are a rich source of antioxidants which absorb free radicals and thus prevent cell damage. They also contain a lot of fiber, which reduces the risk of all cancers.


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