History Of Indian Herbs

Even in the history of India, the ayurvedic vaidyas used these medicinal herbs since a very long time. The knowledge of ayurvedic medicines developed amongst the Hindu’s through the four sacred books of Hindu wisdom.

The rig-veda, contained the sacred Hindu chants, medicine formulations, description of the surgeries, amputations etc. along with the help of numerous herbs.

The ayurvedic vaidyas and the other literates used these herbs in a number of forms like oil, concoctions, paste, filtrate etc. as a treatment for numerous diseases. The oral medicines that were taken are usually in the form of pills or powders which were combined with sugar.

Somewhere around in 1200, BCE a literate named Punarvasu Atreya initiated the first medical school in India in the state of Punjab.

Later, some seven years after this a professor from this school, named Charaka gathered about 500 distinct herbs and created herbal remedies from them and thus created the Charaka Samhiti which today is considered as one the greatest ayurvedic books.

The Hindu herbal medicines mainly are categorized under two main categories:
  •  The ones which cleanse with cathartic actions
  •  Sedatives

In the early 250 BC when the great emperor Asoka converted himself into Buddhism, he sent Buddhist monks trained in the medicinal uses of ayurveda to the countryside to heal large masses of people. During this phase, the Indian healing technique reached new level and also became more popular amongst the common people.

History Of Indian Herbs
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People from various places like the Middle East, China etc. came for treatment using these herbs. In the beginning of the 600 CE, when the Islamic armies started to expand their rule, also learnt about the magical effects of ayurveda and then took these remedies to their home and in Europe.

The healing aloe gel, oil extract from castor, sesame oil, the sandalwood and the use black pepper were all discovered in Europe.

There are innumerable Indian herbs that have found great importance as cures in the present world. For instance some of the most famous herb of India include aloe vera, nutmeg, cardamom, sesame oil, eclipta alba, tulsi etc.

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