If You Want to Build Muscle Formation and Lose Fat This is What You Should Do

Are you gonna succeed in creating muscles, depends on what you eat, and from the way you practice.
If you include these foods in your daily diet, you will quickly create muscles and the work in your gym will make it worth it.


Are rich source of protein and fat, but if you want to create muscles you need vitamin E, which is found in it. This powerful antioxidant fight against free radicals and it helps you to recover faster from the exercises.


Rich source of digestive enzymes and protein named bromelain. It was revealed that relieves inflammation of the muscles, which means it is a good before and after exercise.


On 100 grams of chicken breast you digest 30 grams of protein and minimal fat. Chicken breasts are not too expensive, easy to prepare and can be consumed in many other dishes.


Believe it or not, chocolate milk will help in building muscles. In one recent study is found that chocolate milk equally act to improve the effectiveness of exercise as sports drinks does, and helps you to recover from exercises..


Looks like Popeye ate spinach for a reason. A survey in 2013 found that spinach can improve muscle development, but you need to eat at lease one kilogram of spinach a day to have this effect.


Turkey meat is high in protein and contains 11 vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is rich in selenium, which according to the latest research, can prevent some types of cancer.

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Broccoli Mix with other vegetables contains fiber (asparagus, spinach, potatoes, corn, onions) Mix broccoli with these vegetables, but be careful not to over boiled it, because then you lose the most of the minerals and vitamins. Eat 5 to 7 servings a day.


Rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids, and the one and the other is good for building muscle. In addition, one study found that salmon can be helpful in speeding up the metabolism, and the results of the exercises would be seen faster.


Protein and vitamins, and additionally contain zinc, iron and calcium, making them one of the most complete products when it comes to building muscle.


Not food, but it should be noted, because hydration is very important in building muscle. Water makes 70 percent of muscle mass. If your muscles are hydrated, you will be stronger, energetic and have better digestion. Daily enter 20 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight.

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