Immediately Check The Composition Of Deodorant ! This Ingredient Can Literally Kill You !

It has long been referred to as aluminum chlorohydrate from deodorant and roll-on causes breast cancer. Although many years refuted this, most manufacturers of these products, a new Swiss study finds that long-term exposure to the chemical can encourage the growth of tumors that spread to the body.

But most deodorants have a dangerous chemical in its composition.

Aluminum chlorohydrate blocking the sweat glands, accumulates in the breast tissue and the produced effects similar to those produced by estrogen. What is worrying is the fact that most of today’s excess perspiration just contain that chemical or other ingredients with aluminum.

And the mice developed tumors ….

But Andre-Pascal Sappino, study co-author, disputed the ingredients compared with asbestos.

-Azbest Is inexpensive, has a great industrial potential and it took 50 years to ban it. I hope it will not take so long to ban and aluminum salts – said Sappino, reports Daily Mail.

Like asbestos, aluminum is not visible as mutagenic in bacteria. But still, after researchers injected aluminum salt in mice, among them appeared mestastazirajuci and aggressive tumors. Sappino, which called for great caution when using deodorant, and also is an oncologist and advises both men and women to avoid deodorants containing aluminum salts.


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