Improve Memory With Beet, Parsley and Swiss Chard Juice

Using Parsley and Beets to Improve Memory Drinking beet juice increases blood flow to the brain in older people, a finding that suggests the dark red vegetable may fight the progression of dementia, a new study shows. In addition, the inclusion of luteolin (found in parsley) in the diet improved memory with the advantage of less inflammation.

Improve Memory With Beet, Parsley and Swiss Chard Juice

The vitamin K found in swiss chard is also a great helper in memory improvement.

Below is the recipe for our take on memory improving juice.

The Juice

• 3 Swiss chard leaves
• 1 beet
• 2 apples
• 1 cucumber
• 10 sprigs of parsley

1) Thoroughly scrub and wash all ingredients to remove contaminants picked up during production and transit.

2) Send the chard and the parsley through the juicer first so that the harder ingredients can push these softer ingredients through easily.

3) Send through the cucumber, followed by the apples and lastly the beet.

4) Mix well and serve chilled and over ice for maximum taste.


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