Improve Water Quality With These Simple Ingredients

The first thing we hear about dieting and healthy lifestyle is to drink lots and lots of water. Water is the key element for preserving a healthy and active organism and obtaining sufficient energy to keep your body running.

Alongside this, water can act as a natural detoxifier and improve the overall health status. However, water gets dull from time to time.

That is why nutritionists and doctors recommend preparing various forms of waters by adding healthy ingredients which also cleanse the body effectively.

Here are four of the healthiest and most nutritive ingredients to combine with water and enhance its magnificent qualities.

Lemon Water with lemon

Due to the lemon’s incredible healing properties, lemon water becomes an extremely powerful beverage to consume on daily basis. Add one sliced lemon in a tall container full of water and store this marvelous drink in the fridge for everyday consumption.

Water With Mint

This herb is the perfect sugar replacement and aside from its detoxifying qualities, it prevents infections and inflammation from harming the body. When combined with water, this mighty duo improves the digestive tracts performance and boosts the immune system.

Cucumber Water With Cucumber

Cucumber is a water-based vegetable so it is only natural to combine it in a drink. Just a couple of cucumber slices mixed with plain water will enhance detoxifying activities inside the body and will prevent colds, flu and dehydration.

Ginger Water With Ginger

When ginger root is combined with water the digestion process is stimulated immensely and the stomach works ideally. Add a few slices of ginger root to your water and enjoy the magic this beverage will bring.


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