Is It Possible To Low Your Blood Pressure Naturally Without Medications

There is direct evidence between reducing blood pressure and decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. For the general population, the reduction of systolic blood pressure for 3 mm could produce: 11% less syllables; 7% less heart attack and 5 % less death cases.

This obviously present that a relatively small reduction in blood pressure has a significant effect on the heart and blood vessels.
It is amazing to consider what would happen if everyone with high blood pressure lowered their blood pressure by only 3 mm.
At least 27,500 lives could be saved each year, not to mention many more people whose lives would be significantly deteriorated due to a stroke or heart attack.

These facts, together with other relevant information that are available to us throughout, it should motivate us to do everything we can in our own lives in order to prevent or fix high blood pressure.
The approach to the control of blood pressure depends on the type of hypertension that a person has.

There are two main types of hypertension: primary and secondary.

Secondary hypertension is caused by other diseases. There are plenty of examples of that.
For example, disease of the adrenal glands, small glands for production of the hormone which is located directly above the kidney, may produce an excess of hormones that cause elevated blood pressure. The excessive production of the hormone glands in the neck, called the thyroid, can cause high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can damage the kidneys

On the other hand, the kidney disease (due to problems unrelated to hypertension) can cause hypertension itself.
There are, also, other causes for secondary hypertension. For those with secondary hypertension, the treatment is usually direct. The disease that is basically the problem is looked for, and what causes high blood pressure and then the disease is treating.

Curing the disease resolves the problem of blood pressure.
Unfortunately, the treatment is not so easy for most people with hypertension. 90 % of people with hypertension have primary hypertension.

– What is possible to offer in terms of treatment when the condition is caused by poor lifestyle along with innate susceptibility?
– What steps such person should take in order to put his blood pressure to normal?

The usual answer would be to take the medication that the doctor prescribes them.
Not so long ago, it seemed like the only answer. We now know that this is usually not the best solution.

There are several reasons for this:

1. Every drug has multiple potential side effects – including effects on quality of life that often go unnoticed by the user of drugs.

2. High blood pressure, even if controlled drugs (not lifestyle) causes a gradual deterioration of brain tissue, which weakens the ability and intelligence of the patient. Uncontrolled high blood pressure causes the same problems.

3. Less than half of those who take medication, lower their pressure under 140/90.24

4. Drug prices.

5. Lowering blood pressure with medication is not concurrently as lowering blood pressure naturally.

People who take anti hypertensive drugs have higher rates of heart disease than people who have had the same blood pressure without medication.
It is obvious that the preferred method for controlling the admission of blood pressure is accepting some changes in lifestyle in order to lower the blood pressure in a natural way.

– Since it is a way of life caused by high blood pressure, why do not you lower your lifestyle changes?
– Is it possible to lower blood pressure with Lifestyle changes?
The good news is that medical research has shown that this approach really works.

The logical question is: “How much blood pressure reduction can I expect if I am willing to make changes to the way of life?” The answer depends on how much you are willing to adopt changes.
Approximately, 80 % of people with hypertension will be able to lower blood pressure to a safe level, without drugs, if they accept all the changes that are suggested and recommended.
The remaining 20 % will also be able to reduce the pressure on the safe level by combining these lifestyle changes with a certain amount of drugs.

Low your Blood Pressure Naturally

What lifestyle changes will produce a fall in blood pressure?
We will give three studies to answer this important question:

First study determined 4 specific lifestyle changes.

1. Specific lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure

National Institutes of Health, sponsored study that showed the power of lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure. Over 900 respondents (men and women, blacks and whites) with mild hypertension were included in the program of lifestyle changes.

More specifically, the program participants initially had diastolic blood pressure in the range of 85-99 (average 90.5). Systolic blood pressure averaged 140.4. Some of the patients were put on mode change of life style, and the other treated only with one kind of a medicament for lowering blood pressure. The reduction in blood pressure for the group treated only with lifestyle modification is shown below.
Lifestyle changes can lower blood pressure

Four concurrent lifestyle changes have reduced blood pressure:

Weight reduction;
– Food with a pinch of salt;
– Reduce the use of alcohol;
Increased physical activity;

After one year:

– The average reduction in systolic blood pressure = 10.6 mm.
– The average reduction in diastolic blood pressure = 8.1 mm.

Second study determined the effect of two lifestyle factors on blood pressure.

2. Amount of fiber they ate and their degree of obesity

It included more than 30,000 men, aged 40 to 75 years, who were divided into categories based on the amount of fiber they ate and their degree of obesity. The results shown in Table 5 illustrates that obesity was the single largest factor affecting blood pressure. Obesity is one seems to be the most important factor of hypertension in the United States. The famous Framingham study, 70 % of whole cases of hypertension in men and 61 % among women is directly attributed to the increased amount of body fat.

Third study adopted more lifestyle changes during a supervised program.

3. Five lifestyle changes for 3 weeks

The third study involved 73 men and women with high blood pressure who took part in the three-week program at Weimar Institute in California. Their average age was 65 years. They have adopted a number of lifestyle changes during this supervised program and achieved great reductions in blood pressure.
Large reductions in blood pressure with lifestyle changes

Five concurrent lifestyle changes have reduced blood pressure:

– Abstinence from: alcohol, tobacco, coffee;
– A complete vegetarian diet;
Physical activity;

Results of the test after 3 weeks:

– Average blood pressure at the start = 150/81.
– Average blood pressure at the end = 129/78.
The % of participants who stopped taking medication for blood pressure reduction, after 3 weeks = 80 %.

These decreases in blood pressure were greater than reductions in the first survey. The reason is that it is modified by several factors of lifestyle. Over 90 % of participants were using at least one drug to control blood pressure when they enrolled in the program. That number dropped to 20 % after 3 weeks. Even those who remained on medication could significantly reduce their dose.

The average effect of lifestyle changes in this study is higher

Two sets of changes were made at the same time: the change in lifestyle and reducing the use of drugs to control blood pressure. However, reducing the use of drugs would normally produce an average increase in blood pressure, but just the opposite happened.
Why? Because the changes in lifestyle have such a powerful effect that accounted more than just casual stopping of decrease blood pressure that would be created by reducing the intake drugs.

Another interesting result is that more than half of the reduction in blood pressure emerged in the first week.
The level of blood pressure responds quickly to changes in lifestyle. The above studies are consistent with a large number of others.
Together, they strongly suggest that lifestyle changes are a powerful defense against high blood pressure, bringing quick and positive results. A fatalist observes myth that genes are completely dictate the level of blood pressure is completely disproved.


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