Jumping Rope – A Fun Way To Lose Weight (VIDEO)

Jumping rope is an intense cardio activity, which will help to form all the muscles, starting from the shoulders through the butt to the legs. You can burn up to 450 calories with a 45 minute jump rope. Therefore you can get rid of excess weight in an easy and fun way with this exercise. Another advantage of jumping rope is that you do not need expensive equipment and you can do it wherever you want.

What do you need to start?
  • Rope

Almost everyone has a rope in their house. It does not matter whether it is the rope you used when you were a child or you bought a new one. It is important to pay attention to the length of the rope. To verify that the rope is good for you, stand in the middle of the rope and grasp the handles with your arms. They need to reach under your shoulders.

  • Comfortable shoes

The burden falls on your feet while jumping. So before you begin, put some nice shoes that will reduce the pressure on your feet.

  • Sports bra

Due to the fact you will constantly jump, you need a nice sports bra that ensures a good grip on your chest.

  • Softer floor

When you are jumping rope, choose a softer floor area. You can jump indoors on a carpet or outside on the grass.
A few tips for rope jumping:

Base jumps:
  • Jumping into place

Keep the head and the back straight while jumping from one foot to another, allowing the rope to pass under your feet. Carry your weight from one leg to the other with every jump. Do this movement 70 times per minute, so that every time you change your foot, it will be considered as jumping. As you progress with the exercise, you can increase the number of jumps in a minute.

  • Back and forth

Jump back and forth, to strengthen the leg muscles. Try doing 70 jumps per minute.

  • Jumping with run movements

Whenever you jump rope, bend your knees before you, as you do while running. Do this movement 80 times per minute.

Advanced jumps:
  • Double skip

The rope must pass twice under you each jump. Try doing this once or several times if you can. You can make 100 jumps ordinary and every tenth jump insert a double skip.

  • Criss cross

Your hands should be at the height of your hips. Once you pass the rope over your head, fold the hands and jump into the circle that will shape the rope.

Watch the video, and don’t forget to share with your friends and family 😉 Keep jumping !

Featured image via: huffingtonpost


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