Do You Know How Often You Should Exercise? 5 Shorcuts For A Fit Body And A Healthy Spirit

Exercising for 30 minutes five days a week guaranteed a longer and happier life. But there are some shortcuts that will help you achieve your personal goals and with different schedules.

Half an hour of exercise five days a week is the optimal amount of activity recommended by health professionals for all adults to have happier and healthier life. But most think that a little physical activity will contribute to the psycho-physical state of the individual.

“Prevails an opinion that you need to practice non-stop to enjoy the health benefits of physical activity, which is not true,” says Dr. Edward Phillips from United States of America.

Exercise contributes to a longer life, better mental health and facilitate the maintenance of body weight. But there are some shortcuts to achieve results with less exercise or with physical activity that better suits you.

Dr. Phillips advises:

10 minutes of running or cycling three times a week to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

90 minutes of any exercise per week to reduce high blood pressure.

120 minutes of aerobic exercise per week to improve memory.

150 minutes of moderate exercise (optional) to reduce the risk of getting some cancers.

165 minutes walks per week to reduce symptoms of depression.


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