Do You Know How Powerful The Incense Is?

So small, so strong … this aromatic resin is obtained from the tree Boswellia, and with her ignition develop an extremely strong and unusually pleasant smell.

Many numerous medicinal properties of incense is not known to the people, although almost all have in the home but still rarely are using its medicinal properties.

Incense for years is used for the treatment of arthritis, healing of wounds, regulation of the female hormones and protection against pathogenic materials.

In countries in the Middle East are used to maintain the health of the oral cavity. The people of this region chew the resin incense and so improve the health of teeth and gums. Antimicrobial properties that possessed incense, prevent the infections.

The incense relieves pain that is caused by arthritis without causing have any side effects. It improves circulation as well as flow of blood through blood vessels damaged by inflammatory processes. Scientific studies have confirmed that the extract, frankincense acetate reduces the neurological damage and effectively acts against depression and tension, lowers cholesterol and prevents blood vessel disease.

The incense is used for exemption from stress, tension, hysteria and depression, bath with oil of incense helps in menstrual pain and inflammation of the urinary tract and helps with bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, frequent colds and allergies.


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