Magical Ingredients of Garlic And Their Activity

Garlic just like the other magical herbs also has certain important ingredients which work together to result into the various imperative medicinal effects on our body. Hence the plant has been under study for a long time so as to unravel all its mysterious magical medicinal values.Garlic has various ingredients of which a few are renowned for their varied uses. Allicin is one of the most active ingredients in garlic which is also considered as the most effective ingredient for various health problems.

Magical Ingredients of Garlic And Their Activity

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An enzyme named alliinase is obtained on crushing a few pieces of fresh garlic which instantly gets converted into the odorless compound named alliin which then converts to allicin which gives the distinct odor of garlic. This allicin is a highly unstable compound comprising of sulfur compounds like ajoene.

Today, to learn the main medicinal values of garlic, these two compounds namely the allicin and ajoene are researched by the great scientists. Thus it is learnt that these two compounds block the metabolic activities of the micro organisms and thus prevents their growth and multiplication. Also, no resistance against the allicin compound is found of yet.

Another similar compound is that of diallyl disulphide which is renowned for its matchless anti-cancer properties. It is learnt that this compound of garlic is successful in preventing the first two early stages namely the initiation and the promotion stages of carcinogenesis. This is mainly resulted due to the two mechanisms of the compound in our body, which are:

The diallyl disulphide purely prevents the activation of certain carcinogenic substances in our body. Also, it can stimulate the various enzymes that have the capability of neutralizing activities of the carcinogenic substances.
With the proper functioning of these two mechanisms in our body, the toxicity of carcinogens in our cell DNA can be reduced. It is assumed that the oxide that is metabolized in our liver from the diallyl disulphide is the main cause which results into these effects.

Of recently, garlic and its various compounds were studied against the possible effect of the bacteria Helicobacter pylori which resulted into great success. Another study has showed the compound allicin to have properties to inhibit the bacteria Campllobacter which is universally accepted as the bacteria causing the gastro-enteritis in the very your children of the under-privileged low-income families. The allicin compound extracted from garlic can control this bacterium which is getting resistant to the various antibiotics. Thus, more number of studies are carried on to learn about all the possible medicinal value of themagical herb, Garlic.


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