You Must Try This Worldwide Trending Chrono Diet !

The Chrono diet was created by the French doctor Alain Delabos who studied “Chrono Biology” and applied his knowledge in the area of human nutrition.

What is it based on? Basically, your body processes food differently in the morning, noon and evening. Among other things, each body is different in size, shape and structure of bone and so the amount of food that needs to be consumed is different as well.

In Chrono diet, you should follow the rule of combining the food. Proteins and carbohydrates can be consumed only in the morning for breakfast.

You can’t skip meals

It is important to have three meals a day with a 5 hours difference between them so that the body can adjust to the insulin and blood sugar levels.

It is good to have interval-training and the best combination is fast and slow walking. Try to train in the mornings only.

Products that you should avoid are milk, sugar, white flour and yogurt.

This diet became popular quite quickly because it doesn’t require of you to count the calories you consume, but to follow simple rules:

  1. Taller people can eat more. The amount of food that you can consume depends on your height
  2. People who have bigger bones should lose less weight. You can see how big your bones are by measuring your wrist. The average size is 6 cm
  3. For those who want sweets: Eat sweets that is made only from carbohydrates, from the moment you get hungry until late in the afternoon
  4. You can eat 2 meals of your choice in one week
  5. No alcohol
  6. No sugar in your coffee or tea
  7. Without milk or yogurt
  8. Do not eat if you are hungry
  9. Eat 1 banana 1 hour before you start training

You Must Try This Worldwide Trending Chrono Diet !

Menu for the Chrono diet:


For breakfast eat carbs, protein and fat. However you need to avoid wheat and corn. Allowed kinds of flour are: barley, rye, flour from buckwheat, oat … You are allowed to eat bacon, but preferably with no additives.


You need to eat protein from beef, pork or lamb meat, but without carbohydrates and with vegetables. You also need to eat larger amounts of fresh white and green vegetables in the form of salads.


This meal needs to consist of proteins as well, but from lighter proteins coming from white meat and fish. Sometimes you can combine it with cheese. Also, for dinner you can combine green and white vegetables.


You can eat sweet things and only in the afternoon. The best choice is a dark chocolate with 70% cocoa and some kind of dried fruit.


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