Natural Herbs For Stress And Asthma

Are you suffering from daily stress? Do not take it lightly. If you left it untreated then stress can create a serious health problem which affects physical and mental happiness. Extreme stress robs the body of nutrients, troubles the cardiovascular system, and lowers the efficiency of the immune system.

Stress can also induce anger, depression, fear, anxiety and more. So how do you deal with stress? Is that really possible?

We can say, NO. It is not possible to deal with stress. So let’s find some solution. Herbs can be a better solution for that. Medicines cannot make the stress measures different for us, so we can more often than not handle the mental and physical effects of stress well again with the proper use of herbal supplements.

Herbs can help to decrease or even abolish the unhelpful effects caused by stress.  Ginseng will help our body achieve balance.

Herbs for stress assist the body to cope with and familiarize to external and internal pressures. Our body does contain mechanisms to deal with stress, which also helps in offset its harmful effects.

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Herbs for stress and anxiety can help you to remove your stress naturally.

Even we found three different classes of herbs for stress

1)    Adapatogenic Herbs –It  will helps the body adapt to stress by helping in balancing of the nervous, immune and hormonal systems

2)    Nervine Herbs – It can cure the injure from stress and battle additional stress pressure

3)    Tonic Herbs – It helps in strengthening of the body systems and organs.

There are some other herbs like, Maitake, Gotu Kola, Wild Yam, Eleuthero also help for the same. If you have problem with your digestive system due to stress, try Chamomile or Peppermint.

Feverfew and Willow bark will help with nervousness and headaches or stress-related migraines. If you want tight shoulders, use Valerian. It will also help with infrequent insomnia.

If you will not get benefited by these tips to minimize your pressure and stress level then good magnesium and vitamin B would help. Please contact your concern doctor.

How to treat Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory disease that existed from the ancient times. It’s taken care of or is treated in thousand different ways right from past times. Asthma is a common health problem.

Ancient cultures used herbs for this chronic disease. Both Egyptians and Chinese where the people who were the first to find out the remedies for Asthma.

If one peeps in the history, asthma has been treated in various ways. In ancient Egypt, a mixture of herbs was roasted on a brick and the asthmatic person was made to breathe in the fumes, while the ancient Chinese inhaled the fumes of herbs that contained ephedrine.

Using herbs for asthma can be effective in relieving the symptoms. Asthma is a swelling of the lungs. This narrows the airways. The problem is further increased as the muscles near the lungs tighten, and mucous (a sticky liquid) forms. This constricts the airways even more.

All of this can make breathing extremely difficult for asthma patients. There are a number of herbs for asthma that can be used. It can be consumed along with food in order to treat this condition.

Some Ayurvedic Herbs for asthma:

1) The bark of the Arjuna plant has benefits in the treatment of Asthma. It is consumed in the form of a powder. This powdered herb is sprinkled on the preparation of rice and condensed milk which is also known as ‘Kheer’.

2) Bishop’s weed is an expectorant. It can relieve dried up phlegm within the respiratory tract. It can be taken with buttermilk for best results.

3) Bay berry tree bark is effective in the treatment of asthma. It can be taken in the form of either a decoction or a powder.

Natural Herbs For Stress And Asthma

Natural herbs for Asthma:

There are some herbs for asthma. There is little doubt that diet and lifestyle, along with herbal and nutritional methods can have an influence on asthma symptoms and severity.

However, the researches which are still in the process say that it is still too early to make any firm recommendations. In the meantime, what can be interesting and worth sharing are some of the preliminary researches that have taken place recently.

Firstly, eating more fish with high content of fish oils. Fish like salmon, halibut, sardines cooked in mustard or tomato sauce without frying in oil reduces the symptoms of Asthma.

Fresh fruits and vegetables full of fibers helps the Asthma to reduce where the patient can endure the suffering.


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