Natural Recipe That Kills The Desire for Cigarettes

There is no human who does not know that smoking is very harmful to health. Some choose to stay away from this vice, but people often disregard the fact that cigarettes can be deadly and continue to enjoy every cigarette.

Smoking is a cause for a lot of diseases:
  • Cancer
  • Strokes
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Lung diseases
  • Tuberculosis

Natural Recipe That Kills The Desire for Cigarettes

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More than 16 million Americans have a disease caused by smoking and nearly 480,000 of them die. The number of deaths worldwide is terrifying because it is nearly 6 million per year. On the other hand, today more and more smokers are trying to quit smoking. Some of them try to quit because of the finances and partly because they want to protect their health and their loved ones.

But not everyone can handle the pressure to quit smoking because it is pretty hard. If you fall into one of these groups and you’re set not to carry the label “smoker”, we are offering you a recipe that will kill your desire for cigarettes. It consists of a few simple ingredients that will help to permanently get rid of the need to reach for another cigarette.


Half a grapefruit
Half an orange
A cup of chamomile tea
30g jojoba oil
30g olive oil
30g coconut oil
5g oregano


Squeeze the juice from the grapefruit and the orange in a glass. Then add the rest of the ingredients and stir until you get a homogeneous mixture and place it in a practical bottle which you can carry everywhere with you.


Whenever you feel the need for a cigarette, apply part of the mixture under the nose or put a small part of it on a handkerchief and inhale deeply.

Many people who have tried this recipe say that it really works.


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