Natural Remedies For Ear Infections

Our ears are one of the most sensitive sense organs and so, to keep them away from infections many people follow the simple natural remedies for ear infections. There are various natural ear infection remedy from the very old, tested, and tried, to the whole crazy and not even worth bearing in mind.

As loads of these remedies things are a part of your bedroom and  kitchen the things like apple, vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, onions are the only four things but there are many more too.

Utilizing these things does make sense to you only when you they actually work. In the case of the lemon juice and vinegar, these both are the best alter the Ph balance in your ear, so if you ear is creating a problem to you then this will prove to be the best aid.

There are all sorts of oils that can be effectively used and the secret is to firstly warm the oils but don’t try using these oils is your ear, only lavender essential oil can be used on the skin, all the rest is essential to be diluted before use.

The baby oil is if course even pure and would be appropriate for any purpose. The heat or warmth is sometimes all that is needed as the hat it what helps us to reduce the pain.

There are various natural ear infection remedies related to the kitchen such as:


Which the most is well known anti microbial and is the most famous of the ear infection remedies. Do try and eat a clove of garlic a day this can be added or raw to soups dressings or teas.


It is the most anti inflammatory that can calm your enlarged tissues like painful or swollen ears and Eustachian tubes. Ginger is finest used raw.

3) The turmeric

It is a yellow spice with potent anti inflammatory activity.

4) Chicken soup

It can bring soothe from ear discomfort and congestion. It is high in a natural amino acid which eventually helps thin mucous to exclude from the body.

Natural Remedies For Ear Infections

5) Vitamin C

One of the most renowned ear infection remedies is vitamin C.

The bedroom natural remedies ear infection include the following. To elevate the head: the ear ache gets worse when you are lying down since it prevents the easy drainage of the Eustachian tubes. The sleeping or elevating the head helps toward the Eustachian tubes and ease pain. In calm fostering room a good night’s sleep is one of the simple ear infection remedies that include at least 8-10 hours unbroken sleep.


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