New Drug Slows Advanced Kidney Cancer

Do new drugs slow advanced kidney cancer? Kidney Cancer is one of the diseases which cannot be cured so easily. Pazopanib (Votrient) is the new drug that is used to cure the kidney cancer. This new drug slows the advanced kidney cancer.

This research as 3 phase study, it included 233 patients who had never gone through a kidney cancer treatment. This untreated cancer is also known as renal cell carcinoma. Pazopanib successfully slowed advanced kidney cancer of these patients. This medicine Pazopanib (Votrient) is a very useful drug.

The other drug cytokine therapy did not help much in slowing down the advances kidney cancer. Immediately the 202 patient those who were prescribed for this therapy were given the drug of Pazopanib tablets.

There are common side effects to these new drugs that are used for kidney cancer treatment :
  • 1) The Pazopanib treatment include diarrhea up to 52%
  • 2) High blood pressure 40%
  • 3) Hair color changes 38%
  • 4) Nausea 26%
  • 5) Weight loss 22%
  • 6) Vomiting 21%

The United States of America. Food and Drug Administration was requested to approve Pazopanib in October 2009 for renal treatment. This drug inhibits the development of the blood vessels that gives tumors the help to grow and spread.

Scientists are still in search of new curative drugs for patients with advanced kidney cancer. But still we can say that treatments have increased for kidney cancer. Pazopanib which actually targets multiple paths to kill the cancer, specifically the kidney cancer is a good invention all together.

Many study authors like Dr. Cora Stemberg who is the chief of the medical oncology department at San Camillo and Forlanini Hospital in Rome, Italy has also appreciated these new drugs that slows advanced kidney cancer.

Thus there are many treatments for the kidney cancer but these new drugs slow advanced kidney cancer and are far more effect than any other therapy or medicines.


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