No More Kidney Stones Problems! This Recipe Cures It All!

As a living being, kidneys are essential for our organism and if are harmed, may lead to severe and even deadly diseases. Their main job is to eliminate body toxins and dispose of any harmful and poisonous substances inside the organism. Kidneys are also in charge of eliminating excess body salt and therefore an occasional cleanse is necessary.

If salt and toxins remain inside the body, they tend to create kidney stones, thus causing excruciating pain that leads to further complications.

This effective recipe will dissolve kidney stones easily and will protect your kidneys completely:


– A handful of parsley or coriander leaves
– Water


First, chop parsley or coriander in large pieces and boil them in water enough to cover the leaves for about 10 minutes.
Set tea aside and let it cool off. Next, strain and store in the fridge. Consume one cold cup of this beverage a day. Repeat this method twice a month as a standard detoxification treatment. It is recommended to drink this tea twice a month as part of regular detoxification.

The first noticeable signs appear after a couple of days when your urine begins to change color, a result from the eliminated toxins from the body.

Another important thing to remember is to hydrate your body when you are consuming this tea, since parsley acts aggressively to the stones.

Other favorable products to use if you are suffering from kidney stones are apples, lemons and watermelon. Studies have shown that olive oil has also demonstrated benefits when dealing with kidney stones dissolving or ejection.

Note: This remedy is not recommended for consumption during pregnancy. However parsley tea is highly recommended for dealing with menstrual pain or cramping.


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