One Of The Most Popular Diets In Hollywood – 5-Factor

It was created by the personal trainer Harley Pasternak and practiced by many celebrities.

Pasternak decided that 5 is a magic number and based on that, he created this diet.The diet “5-Factor” lasts 5 weeks, includes 5 meals per day that are prepared for 5 minutes and contains 5 key ingredients. It is recommended to exercise 5 times a week and allows 5 days of cheating in which you can eat anything you want.


Base of the diet

“The diet should not be hard, expensive, nor last long” – argued Pasternak. Here are his five principles:

Duration – 5 weeks

Strict diets give results really quick, but those results are very short. Pasternak consciously chose his diet to last 5 weeks to avoid the undesirable yo-yo effect. Many people continue to practice the diet after the recommended 5 weeks and thus they turn it into a way of life.

5 Meals per day

The daily menu includes 3 meals and 2 snacks. It is recommended to eat every 3 hours. So you will feel less hunger and metabolism will run faster. Example: eat at 8AM, 11AM, 2PM, 5PM, and 8PM.

Meals should be ready for 5 minutes and contain 5 products
Because you eat 5 times a day, meals should be cooked fast and easy for anyone stick with this diet.

The meals must include five components:
  • -healthy proteins (chicken breast, egg whites, fish, shellfish)
  • -healthy carbs (beans, lentils, brown rice, fruit)
  • -fiber (oats, whole wheat bread, barley, fruits and vegetables, but no potatoes)
  • -healthy fats (olive oil)
  • -drinks without sugar
5 Days for rest

During the five weeks have 5 days to rest from the diet. These days you can eat your favorite foods. Select a Sunday that will be a day for resting and then eat a piece of cake, eat your favorite pizza or go to your favorite restaurant. Strict prohibitions do not bring results.

25-minute training sessions 5 times a week
For the diet to bring you positive results, you should include some physical activity.

Fitness plan “5 factors”

Harley Pasternak advises to exercise 5 times a week for 25 minutes. His fitness plan to be even simpler, he divided it into five phases, each lasting 5 minutes.

Phase 1: cardio warm-up. Begin to accelerate the rhythm of the heart by walking, climbing stairs, and so on.
Phase 2: exercises to strengthen the upper body. You need small weights so you can exercise for the arms.
Phase 3: exercises to strengthen the lower body.At this stage exercises for the legs. Best exercise – squats.
Phase 4: exercises for abdominal muscles.
Phase 5: cardio for fat loss. Finish the workout with intense cardio exercises like running, cycling, and so on.


This diet is not a strict diet where you can lose weight immediately. Within 5 weeks you can expect weight loss of 11-15 pounds maximum.


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