Onions – Great Remedy For Bronchitis

Young children are most susceptible to smoking and bronchitis , which, if inadequately treated, can irreversibly damage the entire respiratory system.

Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease of the lining of the lower respiratory tract, usually caused by viruses, but it can cause the bacteria. Although it is not a life-threatening disease, it is necessary to consult with the doctor who will, depending on the origin of the disease, determine the appropriate therapy. It is more common in young children and smokers, and if they are not applying adequate treatment, takes a long incurable and leads to changes in the bronchi. In doing so, except that assumes a chronic form, causing a constant cough, creates a new tendency to diseases of the respiratory system.

How to distinguish it from the cold?

The main symptom is cough bronchitis, and usually present in the case of the common cold, it is initially difficult to set a proper diagnosis. Patients usually complain of pain behind the breastbone, fatigue and loss of appetite, the temperature is elevated and usually ranges between 37.2 and 38 degrees, but falls a few days.

How is it treated ?

Bronchitis is treated much like a cold , with increased fluid intake , sleep , a healthy diet that will strengthen the immune system , ventilation of rooms , teas. If it is a viral infection , antibiotics are not needed, while in the case of bacterial inflammation necessary to introduce this type of medication. If the time and in the right way treated, acute bronchitis does not leave consequences.


The most serious complications of bronchitis eating pneumonia, or pneumonia. If this occurs , treatment requires antibiotics , often a combination of several drugs . In younger and healthy people takes about a week, the elderly and chronically ill patients and longer , sometimes even requiring hospitalization …

Therapy onions

Essential oil , onions which gives a specific smell , natural solvent mucus ( mucolytic ) , and in addition facilitates expectoration and has an antibacterial effect. This healthy vegetable is most effective when eaten raw , but it is so powerful that it gives results even just inhaling his scent.

Clean and wash the large onion and cut it with a knife in the shape of a cross , to a depth of 5-6 mm. The enamel pot to pour half a liter of water and put the onion and cook it over low heat (just to boil ) as long as half of the water evaporates . When cooking , the pot should not coincide . The resulting tea will have a brownish color and flavor sorbet . Drink before and after breakfast and lunch , a cup of the last taken before bedtime. During the first week to drink three times a day, morning and another at night, and only the third in the evening before going to bed .

Vitamin cocktails

Against bronchial inflammation helps carrot juice or a cocktail of 3 dl carrot juice and 1 dl of beetroot juice and cucumber . A beneficial effect and a cocktail of 2.5 dl carrot juice and 2 dl celery , grated horseradish and topped with fresh squeezed lemon juice (take one tablespoon 3 times a day) . A mixture of honey and lemon juice , if taken every hour is a useful remedy for bronchitis. Smoking and stay smoke-filled rooms can’t advise .

A mixture of herbs and honey

Spoon mixture of equal amounts of anise , marshmallow leaf and thyme to cook for two minutes in 3 dl water, leave to stand for 10-15 minutes, then drain. Well sweeten with honey and lemon juice . Drink a cup of hot tea before each meal .


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